Runtime Verification of LTL on Lossy Traces

Title Runtime Verification of LTL on Lossy Traces

Runtime verification techniques mostly assume the existence of complete execution traces. However, real-world systems often produce lossy traces due to network issues, partial instrumentation, sampling, and logging failures. A few verification techniques have recently emerged to handle systems with incomplete traces. Some of these techniques sacrifice soundness and may produce imprecise verdicts. The others depend on the recovery of lost events for a sound and meaningful verdict. In this paper, we present an offine algorithm that identifies whether an Ltl (Linear Temporal Logic) formula can be soundly monitored in the presence of a transient loss of events in a trace and constructs a monitor accordingly. More, we introduce the concept of monotonicity to express the persistence of the verdicts of a loss-tolerant monitor regardless of the recovery of the lost events. Our evaluation demonstrates the applicability, effciency and practicality of the technique on common LTL patterns, but also on traces from Google Clusters and MPlayer.

Year of Publication
Conference Name
32nd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC)
Conference Location
Marrakech, Morocco
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