Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory

The Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory supports the research activities of Dr. Schiff's graduate students and provides technical and analytical support to graduate students in the departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Geography & Environmental Studies and Biology. Students are encouraged to gain as much practical experience as possible in both field and laboratory geochemical techniques. Research technicians provide training and assist in the preparation and analysis of students' samples. Students also prepare isotope samples and participate in their analysis in the Environmental Isotope Laboratory. Technicians are also involved in the development of new analytical techniques as well as in the design and implementation of field projects. Staffing levels vary as a function of the type and size of projects being conducted within the research group.

Lab Instrumentation

  • Dohrmann Apollo High Temp Carbon Analyzer with TN Module
  • Dohrmann DC190 High Temp Carbon Analyzer
  • Shimadzu TOC-L with TN module
  • SCION 456 Gas Chromatograph with CombiPal (ECD/FID)
  • Agilent 5890 Gas Chromatograph with CombiPal (FID)
  • LGR Methane Carbon Isotope Analyzer
  • Dionex ICS 2100 Ion Chromatograph
  • FeLume: Chemiluminescence System
  • Westco Discrete Analyzer
  • N2O Purge and Trap System
  • Reverse Osmosis Concentrator
  • Agilent Cary 100 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Savant Freeze Dryer and Rotary Concentrator
  • 3 Labconco Freeze Dryer Systems
  • Ultrafiltration Manifolds and Cassettes
  • Vacuum extraction/sample preparation lines
  • Vacuum Filtration Systems

Field Equipment

  • Automated water samplers (ISCO)
  • Data Loggers (Campbell Scientific/Hydrolab, Hobo, YSI) - temperature, pressure, PAR, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and water level
  • Field meters for measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature and redox
  • Field pumping and filtration systems
  • Portable Weather Stations
  • SUNA NO3 Analyzers