To contact UW Police

  • On any campus telephone, ext. 22222.
  • On a cell phone, 519-888-4911.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses are required in the pit area. Visitors can sign-out safety glasses from the safety glasses attendants located adjacent to the pits.

Fire alarms

  • Evacuate through emergency doors on the lower-level of the PAC, or the closest exit.
  • Meet around South entrance.
  • Waterloo uses one-stage alarm systems. Evacuate for all alarms.


  • Shut down equipment and secure hazards.
  • Calmly proceed to nearest exit.
  • Follow instructions from personnel.
  • Walk, don’t rush or crowd.
  • Move away from building quickly.
  • Meet around the PAC South entrance.
  • Do not re-enter the building until notified by facilities staff.

Medical emergency

  • Call 911 in an emergency. Ensure UW Police are notified afterwards at 519-888-4911 to direct a response.
  • Get immediate assistance.
  • Notify Campus Response Team, located on the lower floor of the PAC. They are in blue shirts and vests and carry first aid supplies.
  • If an ambulance or UW Police are required:
    • Call UW Police at ext. 22222 or 519-888-4911.
    • Identify yourself.
    • Identify your location.
    • Report the medical situation:
    • Reason for call.
    • Condition of victim.
    • Known hazards.
    • Assist the victim.
    • UW Police will respond. They will call 911 if required.

Emergency Map

  • Exits are positioned at each of the four corners of the PAC, on the second level.
  • A defibrillator and first aid kit are located at the Equipment Centre at East.
  • For general emergencies or lost persons, go to the PAC Equipment Desk at East.

Missing persons or other emergencies

Go to the equipment desk at PAC East. They will coordinate a response with UW Police and the event staff.

Lockdown procedures

  • Lockdowns are coordinated by UW Police.
  • Move to the nearest room you feel is safe. Lock and barricade the door, and turn off the lights. Cover windows with blinds, curtains, etc. Keep away from windows and lie flat on the floor.
  • Turn off cell phones, except to report injured people. Report injured people to UW Police at 519-888-4911 or dial 911.
  • Stay in the room until the police arrive.
  • Do not exit the building for a fire alarm during a lockdown. It may be a ploy by an intruder.

detailed view of the PAC