As the excitement of starting a new school year begins to fade, Grebelites are already looking back fondly on the past months. Student schedules were filled with classes and events, staff supported students and programs, and faculty were occupied by teaching, marking, and research.

One highlight of the term was the annual All-College Retreat to Camp Trillium at the beginning of September. Students, staff, and faculty gathered for a weekend away to enjoy getting to know each other through games, meals, a campfire, and more. Another tradition that continued this year was the Grebel student football game, or “Grebelbowl,” which saw the upper years win against the first years once again. Paul Penner invited students to his home for a “Paul’s Comedy Classics” movie night—an event that students hope will become a tradition.

Students, staff, and faculty have also been participating in events that aim to improve the future. In September, students attended a #HeForShe rally on the Waterloo campus as a part of the #HeForShe Get Free Tour hosted by UN Women. A couple of weeks later, around 80 Grebel students, staff, and faculty participated in the Global Climate Strike in Waterloo. 

As the end of classes approaches, excitement surrounds events like the Make-A-Difference Market and the end-of-term banquet. These events are favourites of upper-year students, and first-year students are itching to find out why!

Grebelites have already made some amazing memories this year, and there are many more to be made! If the first few months were any indication, the 2019-2020 school year is going to be full of great adventures. 

Upper-year students washing a car at the free car wash that they held during Orientation Week.

Upper-year students held a free car wash as an act of service to the Waterloo community.

First-year students were enthusiastically welcomed by upper year students

First-year students were enthusiastically welcomed.

Students participating in the Palestine Land Exercise

Peace Society and MCC hosted The Palestine Land Exercise.

Students attending the #HeForShe rally

#HeForShe rally

Students gathered around a campfire at the annual All-College Retreat

All-College Retreat at Camp Trillium.

Staff and students adding their handprints to the painted tree in the dining room

Painting the temporary walls of the dining room.

Students at the annual football game "Grebelbowl"


Students and Mary Brubaker Zehr at MCC's Thrift on Kent

Fall Reading Week day trip to MCC's Thrift on Kent.