Inside Grebel Now Spring 2022

  • Marcus Shantz presented Tyler Allen  with a congratulatory certificate

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    One Thousand Days without Pop

    Tyler Allen works in the kitchen at Grebel, washing dishes and helping the cooks prepare and serve food. He always has a friendly word for staff and students, and is a reliable source for sports news—especially concerning the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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  • Students, faculty and staff standing outside in the winter with candles in their hands.

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    Strategic Plan for 2022-2025: Renewing an Inspired Community

    Adopted April 2022

    As we emerge from many months of a global pandemic, the Grebel community is eager for renewal of mind, spirit and direction. Our new strategic plan focuses on a relatively short time frame of three years, and centres on the work we need to do to recover and thrive following the unexpected upheavals of the past two years.

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  • Carol Penner along with Kennedy Steiner showcasing art in a gallery to many people

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    Worship through Visual Art: A New Hymnal Leads the Way

    One of the striking things about the new Mennonite hymnal, Voices Together, is that it includes twelve pieces of visual art.

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  • Two staked books sitting on a table in the library

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    Building Bridges

    It may not be immediately apparent how an academic teaching and research centre like the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre (TMTC) serves the church. After all, doctoral-level education is often seen and pursued as preparation for life in the academy. Nevertheless, over the course of more than thirty years, TMTC has consistently been a bridge between the church and the academy.

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