Connecting Deeply with Nature

Samuel Farkas in tree planting gear in the woodsThird-year PACS student Samuel Farkas (left) spent his summer with his hands in the earth, planting 110,000 saplings in clear-cut areas of British Columbia. He related his tree-planting experience to PACS 310: Peace and Environment. “Both are nature-centred. Both cover reducing carbon footprint, encouraging tree planting and offsetting destruction,” Samuel reflected. “When I think about tree-planting, I think about not only replenishing the earth, but changing my personal growth.” Another aspect that he took away from the course was a goal to connect with nature at a deeper level.

Samuel also connected his understanding of PACS 201: Roots of Conflict, Violence, and Peace and PACS 203: A History of Peace Movements during this co-op work term. Both courses had taught him concepts revolving around perspectives—with PACS 201 looking at how working on the reforestation industry has an impact on the greater good of the environment and with PACS 203 on looking at what goes behind replanting to offset climate change.

As he continues his studies, Samuel plans to continue asking questions, thinking realistically, and learning to identify the impact industries have on peace, the environment, and technology.