MPACS Scholarship Honours Malcom X's Legacy

This new scholarship is the culmination of the vision and perseverance of Majid Mirza who connected with Paul Heidebrecht at Grebel’s Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA). 

“This endowed MPACS scholarship bearing the name of Malcolm X, and dedicated to the advancement of racial justice as well as interfaith harmony, will serve as a constant reminder of the kind of community we strive to be,” noted Professor Nathan Funk, outgoing chair of PACS.

“I believe Brother Malcolm is the embodiment of speaking truth to power,” said Majid. “As a result, Malcolm X or Malik Shabazz as he was known in the last chapter of his life, was a controversial figure who changed his opinion frequently because he was constantly striving for truth, and this is an infinite journey.” 

“It is exciting to see a variety of supporters from the Muslim faith community step forward to augment this award with generous donations,” added Fred W. Martin, Director of Advancement at Grebel.”  The inaugural recipient of this award is Qudsia Alvi.

Malcom X at Mecca