A Sampling of Scholarship

ALICIA BATTEN presented a paper, “Healing Body and Soul in the Letter of James,” at a joint session of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies/Canadian Society of Patristic Studies at York University in May 2023.

JEREMY BERGEN wrote an article titled “Mennonite Dispossession of Indigenous Lands as a Challenge to Mennonite Identity” for Journal of Mennonite Studies 41, no. 1 (2023): 129-144.

NATHAN FUNK gave presentations for two video conference events: UNESCO’s Sixth Regional Expert Consultation on Intercultural Competencies for Peacebuilding: North America, and the Group of 78’s 2023 Annual Policy Conference, addressing the topic of “Peace Professionalism.”

LAUREEN HARDER-GISSING gave two presentations—one in May on “Indigenous and Mennonite Encounters in Canada Since 1970: Reckoning and Reimagining” at the Canadian Society of Church History conference at York University; and the other in September, titled “Mennonite Ebbs and Flows: Two Centuries Along the Grand” for the Ontario Genealogical Society conference.

PAUL HEIDEBRECHT joined three University of Waterloo colleagues in a presentation on “Why Tech Needs Social Entrepreneurship” at the International Social Innovation Research Conference in Guimarães, Portugal in September.

RICH JANZEN has a journal article citation in press with S. Switzer, J. Basabosa, M. Docherty, & Paul Heidebrecht, titled “Community-based evaluation as a strategy to localize Sustainable Development Goals” with a practice note to appear in the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation.

JANE KUEPFER co-convened a national Think Tank on Moral Distress in Long-term Care Workers at the RIA in September. She presented “Addressing gaps in spiritual care in long-term care” at the Canadian Association for Gerontology in October.

NARENDRAN KUMARAKULASINGAM published “Bandung and Decolonization” in Elgar Encyclopedia of Development, ed. Matthew Clarke and Xinyu (Andy) Zhao (Edward Elgar, 2023), 55-58.

ERIC LEPP published a peer-reviewed article
“Side-by-Sidedness: A Conceptual Rethinking
of Post-Peace Agreement Encounter” in Journal of Intercultural Studies.

JOHONNA McCANTS-TURNER presented “In the Wake of Wounding: Advancing Critical Race Feminist Approaches to Reparative Justice through Black Feminist and Womanist Christian Ethics” at the Society for Christian Ethics Midterm Gathering hosted by its Restorative Justice Interest Group in June.

REINA NEUFELDT co-led a workshop titled “Awkward Conversations in Mennonite Peacebuilding” with Ndagire Brendah and Issa Ebombolo at the Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival III, at Eastern Mennonite University in June.

TROY OSBORNE published the chapter “Whether to Turn to the ‘Strong Hand’ of the State: The Role of the State in Dutch Mennonite Conflict Resolution” in A Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace: Global Mennonite Perspectives on Peacebuilding and Nonviolence, edited by Fernando Enns, Nina Schroeder-van ’t Schip, and Andrés Pacheco-Lozano, 254–65. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2023.

CAROL PENNER, worked on Unburdened: A Lenten Journey Toward Forgiveness (A Daily Devotional) to be published by Herald Press, January 2024. unburdened

KATE KENNEDY STEINER presented “Teaching in Tropes: Ornaments in Chants of W1” at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo in May.

DEREK SUDERMAN spent three weeks in May teaching Bible with house church leaders in Thailand before attending the 3rd Global Anabaptist Peacebuilding Conference (GMPC) in Virginia, where he presented the paper “Tackling Violence in the Prophets as a People of Peace.” An article co-published with colleagues Lowell Ewert and Mary Lou Klassen also emerged from the 2nd GMPC, “Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness: Human Rights and Mennonite Faith in the Context of Peacebuilding Practice.” 

KAREN SUNABACKA completed four choral pieces over the summer, a violin and piano duo with a narrator, as well as a piano trio. The choral pieces were for Ensemble Vocal-Arts Quebec, v0x chamber choir (Oxford, UK), Medicine Hat College Girls’ Choir, and Toronto Children’s choir. All pieces have upcoming premieres in 2024. The violin and piano duo, titled Jack the Fiddler, included text and was premiered in August in Winnipeg, MB. The piano trio, titled Embroidered with Jagged Patterns, was premiered in October at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, MB.

Under the direction of MARK VUORINEN, The Elora Singers and TorQ Percussion Quartet released a new album in July called To the Ground from the Sky featuring newly composed music by Carmen Braden, Annika Socolofsky, Paul Frehner and Melody McKiver. It is available on all streaming platforms. album