Speeches Express Diverse Perspectives on Peace

On March 11, three Grebel students competed in the C. Henry Smith Oratorical Contest. The contest invites students from Mennonite and Brethren in Christ colleges and universities across Canada and the United States to speak on peace issues. Catherine Bergs spoke on a feminist approach to the common narrative of Eve and Adam. She shared the importance of refusing to use this story as a way to criticize women’s actions throughout history, as well as recognizing the feminine attributes of the Spirit. Victoria Lumax critiqued the ways technology has been used for weapons of war and as a replacement God. Henry Stevens challenged the audience to think about peace from the perspective of those who have paid dearly to prevent deaths.

Catherine Bergs was awarded first place for her critique of antifemininity narratives. Her recorded speech went on to compete in the bi-national virtual competition.

Watch the winning speech: