Alumni Pursue Musical Careers

Faith, community, creativity—Grebel and the Music Department hold these values close to heart, including the freedom to explore different paths and combine passions. Grebel alumni Emily Yarascavitch (BSC 2016), Stephanie Collings (BA 2020), and Nicholas Wong (BMATH 2020) all came to Grebel with a passion for music and another subject, and the flexibility of the Music Department allowed each of these students to dive into both areas of interest. Grebel provided them the chance to explore and learn, and to see how they could include music as an important part of their careers and lives.

Music began at an early age for each of these alumni. Following in her brother’s steps, Emily gained an interest in the fiddle, while Stephanie and Nicholas found freedom in the piano. “It’s where I feel at peace and where I feel the most confident in myself,” Stephanie said. 

EmilyEmily Yarascavitch

Although music was dear to them, both Emily and Stephanie saw it as a risk to pursue music as a career, so when the time came to enroll in the University of Waterloo, they initially chose a different path. But they quickly came to realize just how important music was to them, and decided to follow their hearts—Emily added Music as a minor, and Stephanie switched to a joint major.

After graduation, Emily fully embraced her love of music and the fiddle. She uses her talents to explore different avenues, from teaching to professional touring, and even to the creation of her own studio. Nicholas too, now works in music. He became a music teacher in an international school, and found joy on the side as a freelance piano teacher. And while Stephanie got a job as a digital operations coordinator, her interest in music has not waned. Outside her job, she works with music producers in an electronic space, creates her own tunes, and is exploring the broad range of music industry opportunities available.

StephanieStephanie Collings

Studying music at Grebel has given these new graduates a strong start in their careers. The multitude of courses offered by the Music Department, the community, friendships, opportunities to perform in the chapel with ensembles, and all the experiences they had impacted their lives for the better.

“I made the most amazing friends and memories,” Stephanie said. “Everyone in the Music Department is so kind, supportive, and encouraging, and they’re all rooting for you and your success!”

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