Welcoming Washrooms

The 2020 “Welcoming Washrooms” project improved the accessibility of the Grebel campus by adding power-operated doors and washrooms in easy-to-access areas around the building.

This project was funded by a $100,000 Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) grant from Employment and Social Services Canada, and $113,000 from Grebel’s budget. The goal was to add power doors to washrooms on every level and to ensure accessible, barrier-free paths leading to these facilities, providing proper access to persons with physical challenges.

“Accessible washrooms at Grebel, especially near the chapel, were long overdue,” said Paul Penner, Director of Operations. “We host an array of services, concerts, and events in the chapel, which prior to this upgrade, had no accessible washrooms nearby. To have our main event space lacking such an amenity was awkward, to say the least!”

In addition, the funding was used to create two new barrier-free washrooms in Grebel’s residence, which benefit students with mobility issues and function as ‘gender-neutral’ facilities.

“Welcoming Washrooms” makes Grebel a more inclusive environment for all.

new grebel washroom