Winter Lectures


This year’s Bechtel Lecture in Anabaptist-Mennonite Studies, “On Dwelling: Shelters in Time and Place,” was presented on March 10 by Professor Sofia Samatar of James Madison University. This lecture traveled through history to explore what it means to dwell in place and shelter in time. Professor Samatar took a poetic approach and used the word “Dwelling” to examine questions such as “What does shelter look like for those who are forced to leave their homes?” and “When prevented from staying in place, how can a person dwell?” She suggested that all dwelling is durational; to be present physically and virtually is to build a shelter in time. The process of being in place and time cannot be rushed. Instead, it must be embraced and explored. 

Watch the 2022 Bechtel Lecture: 


The 2022 Rodney and Lorna Sawatsky Visiting Scholar was Professor Regina Shands Stoltzfus of Goshen College. On March 24, her lecture “Resistance Strategies: Equipping Ourselves and Our Communities for Long Term Justice Work,” addressed the idea of maintaining a just world. Professor Stoltzfus’ lecture reflected on racial segregation and acknowledged current social movements in order to build an equitable society. She introduced the idea of “anti-racist spirituality” to fight against racism and oppression. To continue the fight in generations to come, Professor Stoltzfus emphasized the significance of incorporating long-term strategies to sustain social movements such as Black Lives Matter. Her lecture stressed the importance of understanding the past and weaponizing hope as light in a dark world to sustain change. 

Watch the 2022 Sawatsky Lecture: