New Lichti Voice Studies Award to Support Inspired Singers

Daniel LichtiVocal music students at Grebel and UWaterloo are now supported by a new scholarship open to students enrolled in Music Studio in voice and in Music Department choirs. The “Lichti Voice Studies Scholarship Award” was graciously established by Daniel Lichti, an Associate Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University (1998-2017).

Given Grebel’s richly talented musical community, the Lichti Voice Studies Scholarship Award is directed toward students who show “great potential and excellence in singing,” explained Mark Vuorinen, Music Chair. “This scholarship provides support—perhaps also attracting new students who may not have had a chance to enrol due to financial burden.”

“It’s my hope that this support will inspire a naturally gifted young singer to explore further vocal studies,” said Lichti. While a singer’s passion for music and song comes from their heart, Lichti highlights the importance of further pursuing vocal studies at the post-secondary level. “Singers are just getting comfortable with their adult voices and can now begin to explore music that is appropriate to their voice types. The musical skills they will acquire by singing in a choir will augment and enrich the individual training they receive in studio, and will expose them to a truly unique and valuable sense of community.”