Inside Grebel Now Fall 2022

  • Students in Paul Heidebrecht's class listening to lecture from Steve Killelea

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    Tech for Good

    “The role of technology in contemporary society is expanding every day, and critical reflection on the impact of technology now pervades a growing number of scholarly and popular contexts. Not only is it a struggle to keep up with accelerating technological developments, we can be overwhelmed by a deluge of observations, opinions, and analyses of these developments. Indeed, thanks to the rise of new technologies like social media, there are many more ways that our attention is being drawn to the impact of technology.”

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  • Jared Baribeau in front of circular knitting machine

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    Grebel alumni are involved in many interesting initiatives that use technology for good—in start-ups, projects, support roles, research, and hobbies. The following profiles highlight some alumni who are involved in activities that use technology to make a difference in society and the world. We asked them to reflect on these questions: How are you making the world a better place using technology? How has this involvement changed you, challenged you, or enriched your life? Why are you driven in this direction? How did Grebel inspire this path?

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  • Jane Kuepfer in conversation with older adult at conference

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    Tech, Spirituality, and Older Adults

    Until recently, technology and older adults were unlikely friends. Now I’m not surprised when a 96-year-old scrolls through their tablet to show me their latest great-grandchild, or asks their smart tech device to play some music. For many, technology has become a vital link to their faith community.

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  • A group of students and Paul Heidebrecht laughing and talking in a circle

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    Breaking Down Silos with PeaceTech

    Throughout my four years at Grebel, of the many hats I have worn, the one that has had the most impact has been as a PeaceTecher. You might wonder, what is a PeaceTecher?

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