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Jennifer Roedding

Message from the Executive in Residence

Closing the Skills Gap

The University of Waterloo’s Hub for Sustainability Integration is a nexus of interaction, collaboration, and advancement. It will provide members with the opportunity for iterative collaboration and innovation, sharing collective experience to advance sustainability integration in their organizations, in experiential education, and through the student consultancy. The University of Waterloo is developing and preparing tomorrow’s sustainability leaders to play an integral role in a sustainable future. Ultimately, Sustainability will be integrated into every business decision so that it becomes a natural part of everything we do.

Jennifer Roedding, Executive in Residence

HUB for Sustainability Integration

The HUB is a sustainability ecosystem bringing together a student consultancy and a sustainability business council, while incorporating professional development. In this video, Jennifer Roedding, the Executive in Residence for the University of Waterloo’s Hub for Sustainability Integration, provides brief historical details on the path sustainability has taken and how the University plans on being a major part of the solution.

In essence, our ultimate goal is to have sustainability be a consideration in all business decisions. To this end, the University of Waterloo is being defined as a world leader in sustainability integration our Student Consultancy course provides experiential learning to establish skills in business, consultancy, and sustainability. 

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Coca-Cola Launches 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles in Canada

The Coca-Cola Company announced today the launch of 100% recycled plastic bottles in Canada, with all 500 ml sparkling beverage bottles – including flagship brands Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta – in the country using 100% recycled plastic, excluding caps and labels, by early 2024.

According to the company, the move will save 7.6 million pounds of new plastic in 2024, and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 7,000 metric tons annually.

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KPMG Survey

Companies increasingly expect their ESG strategies to contribute to positively to business and financial outcomes, in areas ranging from M&A and new product opportunities to talent and customer retention, although many executives are concerned about keeping up with complex and changing sustainability regulatory requirements, with only around a quarter reporting confidence in meeting ESG reporting requirements across several jurisdictions, according to a new survey released by professional services firm KPMG.

The business leaders identified M&A efficacy as the top area in which ESG is adding value to their businesses, with 41% reporting that ESG engagement adds major financial value, with other top areas including access to new capital sources at 35% and customer retention at 34%.

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How much progress is being made on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

  • Multiple global crises continue to put the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 'in peril', the UN says.
  • Its 2023 update report shows a significant reversal of progress in key areas such as child vaccination rates and income inequality between countries.
  • These challenges will be the focus of the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Meetings on 18-22 September 2023.

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