Healthcare sustainability through an industrial ecology lens

Waste audit following a hysterectomy in a U.S. hospital

Waste generated from a single surgical procedure in a U.S. hospital (photo credit: Cassandra Thiel;

Healthcare is a critical service sector with a sizable environmental “footprint” – both directly (e.g., from onsite energy and water use and waste generation), and indirectly (e.g., from the production of healthcare-related products like medical devices and pharmaceuticals).

Yet, as our recent review indicates, the existing literature on healthcare sustainability is highly fragmented. Our research applies industrial ecology approaches to examine this area more systematically.

Project contributors

Steven B. Younga,b, Guido SonnemanncCassandra ThieldAlex Cimpricha,bAnkesh Siddhantakara,bMaliha Tariqa,bJair Santillán‐Saldivara,b,c

aWaterloo Industrial Ecology Group

bSchool of Environment, Enterprise and Development

cCyVi, ISM, University of Bordeaux

dGrossman School of Medicine, New York University

Funding and support

University of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence (IdEx)