Welcome to the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

Many institutions talk about inter-disciplinary approaches and problem–driven research, SEED actually does it.

SEED is unique in Canada, and possibly the world, in its focus on the intersection of environment and sustainability, on the one hand, and business and development, on the other. With programs in sustainability management, international development practice, environment and business, local economic development and social innovation, SEED is dedicated to developing the knowledge, tools and expertise to integrate business and development activities with environmental and social goals. Learn more here

  1. Nov. 24, 2016SEEDlings pitch their ideas at the Jack Rosen Memorial Award for Environmental InnovationStudent pitching idea at Jack Rosen event

  2. Oct. 13, 2016Local Economic Development program relaunches as Master of Economic Development and InnovationSeveral images that showcase economic development

  3. Sept. 13, 2016SEED welcomes two new faculty membersHeadshots of Heather Hall and Komal Habib

    We are delighted to welcome two new faculty members to the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development - Dr. Heather Hall and Dr. Komal Habib. Dr. Neil Craik speaks on behalf of SEED when expressing the benefit of having Dr. Heather Hall and Dr. Komal Habib in our midst. "Both individuals are emerging leaders in their field and will add considerable depth to our existing expertise in economic development and innovation, and industrial ecology, respectively.

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