The common ground upon which our honours undergraduate programs in SEED are built is sustainable development.

In the Environment and Business program, sustainability is advanced in two ways. First, there is an emphasis placed on identifying, understanding, and engaging business in the realization of a sustainable future. Second, knowledge and tools traditionally associated with business (such as marketing) are applied to advance knowledge, products and behaviour related to sustainability.

The International Development program engages critically with sustainability. This means that as an INDEV student, you will get to ask what sustainability can offer in a context of unequal power and wealth. Most importantly, you will get to learn about and experience how people here and abroad mobilise to expose, confront and redress those inequalities.

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Sustainability meets profitability

Smart businesses know that sustainability must be a core part of their plan. Be the expert who makes it happen.

In Environment and Business (ENBUS), youll develop an in-depth knowledge of environmental issues and the business world. Youll get the foundations of a business degree, with courses in economics, finance, marketing and management, as well as an environmental education including field ecology and human geography. Plus, youll learn to integrate environment and business knowledge through specialized courses in corporate responsibility, social marketing, and more.

Graduate with a unique combination of skills to help the corporate world shrink its environmental footprint.

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Change the world, one community at a time

Learn to tackle issues of economic inequality, social injustice, and environmental change. Build capacity to solve problems at the local level.

In International Development (INDEV), well give you lots of tools to put in your toolkit, including business skills, economics, social accounting, problem solving, cultural understanding, and more. Meanwhile, environmental studies, social sciences, and language courses will strengthen your adaptability and thinking.

Then put your knowledge to work during an 8-month overseas field placement. Youll graduate knowing how to design development projects that are ethical, environmentally sustainable, cultural responsible, and scientifically accountable.

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