Elective courses

Elective course options for graduate students in SEED programs are diverse and include:

  • Courses that are offered (and may be required) in other SEED programs (including course codes SUSM, ECDEV, ENBUS, INDEV)
  • Courses offered in SEED that are elective for everyone, and may be open to students across campus
  • Courses offered in other departments in the University (not listed on this page)

Refer to course details provided in SEED’s course outlines from previous years and to official course descriptions in the graduate calendar:

We recommend SEED graduate students consider offerings from other programs in the Faculty of Environment: Geography and Environmental Management (GEM), Environment and Resource Studies (ERS), Climate Change (GEMCC), Planning (PLAN) and Tourism Policy and Planning (TOUR). These courses are often, but not always, open to SEED students. Please check with the relevant department to see if a course is available.

Elective courses not listed, in the table or below the table, must be approved by your supervisor and/or program administrator.

Graduate Schedule of Classes

Current electives offered in SEED

Program Fall 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025

Sustainability Management (SUSM)

SUSM 620: Sustainable Operations

SUSM 660: Public International Law

SUSM 675: Reading course

SUSM 680 Industrial Ecology


SUSM 640: Strategy for Sustainable Enterprises

SUSM 650: Sustainable Finance

SUSM 675: Reading course

SUSM 630: Marketing for Sustainability

Master of Economic Development and Innovation (MEDI)

ECDEV 601: Economic Development Theory

ECDEV 602: Economic Development Practice

ECDEV 603: Analytical Tools for Economic Development

ECDEV 604: Management and Policy Tools for Economic Development and Sustainability Professionals

ECDEV 605: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

ECDEV 606: Innovation and Economic Development in Cities and Regions


Master of Environment and Business (MEB)

ENBUS 620 Business Operations and Sustainability

ENBUS 632: Sustainability Reporting

ENBUS 642: Stakeholders, Collaborations 

ENBUS 640 Strategies for Sustainable Enterprises

ENBUS 650 Sustainable Finance

ENBUS 630: Enterprise Marketing and Social Accountability

ENBUS 652: Business and Climate Change

Master of Development Practice (MDP)

INDEV 601: Foundations of Sustainable Development Practice

INDEV 602: International Development: Theories and Practice

INDEV 603: Global Health

INDEV 604: Sustainable Cities

INDEV 609: Sustainability Concepts, Applications and Key Debates

INDEV 605: Economics for Sustainable Development

INDEV 606: Energy Sustainability

INDEV 607: Methods for Sustainable Development Practice: A Systems Approach

INDEV 608: Water and Security

    *Subject to change *Subject to change

Recognised courses from other programs within the Faculty of Environment (check with department for availability):

  • PLAN 674: Indigenous Peoples and Community Planning
  • PLAN 621: Metropolitan Form and Structure in Canada
  • GEMCC 610: Climate Prediction Modeling
  • GEMCC 620: Climate Analytics
  • GEMCC 640: Climate Governance
  • GEMCC 652: Climate Change Community Plan
  • GEOG 668: Indigenous Environmental Management Perspectives
  • INTEG 640: Computational Social Sciences
  • INTEG 641: Decisions & Wicked Problems