Strategic Plan

SEED Mission, Values & Vision:


SEED develops knowledge, tools and expertise that integrate business and development activities with environmental and social objectives in order to realize a sustainable world.



  • believes that all human activities must be guided by a commitment to an environmentally sustainable and just future.
  • believes that our outlook must be global and inclusive.
  • is solutions oriented in our research, our teaching and in our engagement with the community.
  • believes that sound solutions to Canada’s social and ecological challenges must be evidence-based, and supported by creating a culture of continuous social innovation.
  • believes in the value of integration across disciplines in our teaching, research and outreach activities.
  • is committed to instilling an ethos of professionalism among our students, and our faculty and staff.
  • has a responsibility to demonstrate leadership both locally and globally, and to be active participants within our communities.


SEED strives to be a recognized nationally and internationally by students, researchers, and the business and policy communities as a leading academic institution for integrating business and development activities with environmental and social objectives, and advancing social innovation.