Faculty research interests

Amelia Clarke

  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Campus environmental management
  • Cross-sector partnerships
  • Collaborative strategic management
  • Strategy implementation for low-carbon and sustainable cities
  • Implementing the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Youth and innovation

Neil Craik

  • International environmental and resource law and governance (especially global commons areas)
  • Climate law and policy
  • Aboriginal law and policy
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Governance of emerging technologies

Goretty Dias

  • Sustainability assessment of dietary patterns and conventional/agricultural food systems using life cycle assessment and other biophysical accounting tools
  • Sustainability performance of agricultural and food certification systems
  • Foodshed analysis

Bruce Frayne  

  • Sustainable cities and urban poverty
  • The three related areas of human migration, urbanization and food security
  • A regional focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and the Global South
  • Please note- Bruce is currently not accepting graduate students due to his role of Dean of the Faculty of Environment. 

Sean Geobey

  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation
  • Sustainable and innovative financing tools
  • Alternative enterprise legal structures such as cooperatives and social enterprises
  • Long-term participatory decision-making and design tools

Komal Habib

  • Exploring resource dependency of future clean energy systems
  • Metals, material and energy flow analysis
  • Resource criticality assessment
  • Waste management, and life cycle assessment

Heather M. Hall

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in rural and northern contexts
  • Regional economic development planning, policy and practice
  • Community readiness and community impacts related to natural resource development
  • Planning in slow-growth and declining communities
  • Disruptive technologies and the future of work in rural and Northern Canada

Jennifer Lynes

  • Marketing for sustainability, particularly in relation to live music, fashion, cosmetics and electric vehicles
  • Behaviour change and social marketing, with an emphasis on energy and water conservation, emergency preparedness, zero waste initiatives and sustainable transportation.
  • Motivations for environmental commitment (individual and organizational)
  • Youth engagement in climate change initiatives

Cameron McCordic

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Urban social vulnerability
  • Urban food security

Juan Moreno-Cruz

  • Spatial energy economic analysis
  • Economic development and energy transitions
  • Climate change economics
  • Geoengineering technologies and policies

Dan Murray

  • Sustainability and Sport (Professional and Amateur)
  • Sustainability in Architecture and Design
  • Rewilding: Restoring and protecting natural processes within the landscape

Prateep Nayak

  • Commons
  • Environmental governance
  • Social-ecological system resilience
  • Environmental justice
  • Political ecology

Paul Parker

  • Residential energy efficiency
  • Energy transitions
  • Renewable energy policy and implementation
  • Local economic development and sustainability
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Ecological footprint assessment

Julie Kate Seirlis

  • Radical political ecology
  • Radical feminist economics
  • Radical social movements
  • Earth jurisprudence and the rights of nature
  • Radical Constitutions (Ecuador; outh Africa)
  • Decolonial theory and decolonisation
  • The ontological turn
  • UNDRIP, the UDHR, and critical analyses of rights
  • Human rights in education
  • Theories of Space and place
  • "Indigenization"

Simron Singh

  • Resource use and resource efficiency of small islands (material and energy flows)
  • Sustainability transitions on small islands
  • Societal “time-use" and sustainability

Larry Swatuk

  • Africa
  • Water management
  • Environmental politics
  • The south in globalization
  • Natural resources governance

Jason Thistlethwaite

  • Managing the economic effects of climate change, natural disasters and extreme weather
  • Developing governance solutions to climate change risk management
  • Assessing the sustainability of property insurance and disaster assistance as a means of reducing vulnerability in the era of climate change
  • Visualizing flood risk to improve local adaptation

Jeffrey Wilson

  • low carbon pathways
  • energy transitions
  • natural capital accounting
  • ecosystem goods and services valuation
  • corporate sustainability
  • sustainable cities
  • urban greenspace and wellbeing

Michael O. Wood

  • Business sustainability
  • Water
  • Scale
  • Global security
  • Social license to operate
  • Pedagogy of sustainability management

Tingting Wu

  • Economic and environmental impacts of climate change and policies
  • Impacts of technology adaptation
  • Climate risks and firm performance
  • Responsible and ESG funds
  • Climate change risks on housing markets

Steven B. Young

  • Corporate social responsibility and life-cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Responsible sourcing, sustainability standards and management systems; auditing, assurance and certification
  • Sustainable materials, conflict minerals, and critical raw materials