International Development

People with the right knowledge and intercultural skills can create positive change in overseas communities where there are issues of economic inequality, social injustice, and environmental degradation. International Development (INDEV) will teach you to take what you’re passionate about and act on it in a way that is effective, sustainable, and responsible.

By taking courses in environmental studies, social sciences, business, and languages, you’ll increase your ability to be adaptable and innovative. You'll graduate with management skills, environmental knowledge, as well as the ability to adapt to different cultural and social perspectives and modify technology to fit local situations. Key themes in the program include:

  • Business and management: Gain valuable skills in accounting, public relations, marketing, and developing business plans so that you can effectively manage and implement complex development projects.
  • Sustainable development: With the world facing issues such as climate change, drought, and increasing urbanization, you'll be able to use your environmental knowledge to develop models that are both environmentally and economically appropriate.
  • Understanding the relationship of technology to context: Suburban Canada is vastly different from rural Africa which is different from Asia. You'll learn about tools and approaches that are appropriate to the various cultures in which you'll be working.
  • Problem-solving and innovative approaches to development: Research and problem-solving skills are crucial to identifying issues and formulating creative and effective responses.

These themes are highly relevant to employers and will make you valuable in a variety of internationally-oriented careers.

Along with providing a strong academic background, INDEV students have the option to complete their fourth year with an 8-month overseas field placement (Practice Specialization); a great opportunity to put new skills to work and gain valuable real world experience. Students can also choose to stay on campus and complete a research project/thesis (Research Specialization).

Our graduates work as:

  • Program Development Consultant, Oxfam Canada
  • Program and Grant Officer, World Vision International
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, World University Service of Canada
  • Research Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
  • Microfinance Officer, Kuyasa Fund

From the Waterloo Ready International Development Live Chat: What to Expect: Live as an ENV Student (PDF)