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Scholarship in applied sustainable development

The PhD in Sustainability Management provides future environmental leaders with the research skills, management tools, strategies and processes required to realize sustainable outcomes within business, government and third sector organizations.

The program contributes to the creation of academic knowledge by developing methods, systems, concepts, and tools for sustainability management. Students prepare for careers in areas such as academia, public policy and business analytics.

Graduates are prepared for career paths both inside and outside academia, including employment in government, business and third sector organizations. Through professional development seminars, students will gain skills on how to mobilize their knowledge and develop skills suitable to careers outside of academia. This program normally takes 4 years to complete.

We encourage you to learn about research at SEED and review the faculty research interests. Also, please see SEED's Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisors (ADDS) and current research opportunities at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development.

Dragana Kostic
Program Administrator
PhD in Sustainability Management