A research thesis demonstrates your ability to conduct original research, and contribute to the existing body of knowledge. This thesis is done under the supervision of a faculty member who guides the student, helps develop a sound research question, and assists in finding an appropriate method. Once completed, the thesis will be published on UWSpace.

When considering your ideas for a research topic, begin by looking for a faculty member who might able to supervise you:

  1. Review the faculty research interests, check out what research areas they specialize in, and identify faculty members you'd like to work with.
  2. Learn more about those faculty members by visiting their SEED profile, personal/research website, Google Scholar and ResearchGate. Look at their recent publications, current research projects, and current/past graduate students and their research. Visit the UWSpace for a list of past research theses at SEED.
  3. Contact the professor directly if you are interested in working with them. Each supervisor will have their own requirements and opportunities. Sometimes professors are seeking students to work on specific research projects; other times they may be more or less open to interested applicants in their field.

For more information please refer to theĀ Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision.

Requirements for SUSM thesis.