As an Environment and Business (ENBUS) student, you will gain valuable co-op work experience and gain first-hand knowledge of how environmental decision-making can be integrated into the business world. You'll complete five four-month work terms over the course of the program and complete four co-op work reports. Past co-op jobs include:

  • Sustainability Coordinator, Minto Group
  • Partner Marketing Associate, Microsoft Canada
  • Environmental Officer, Transport Canada
  • Business Analyst, Canadian Tire

Professional Development

Students are required to complete four Professional Development (PD) courses. Prior to the first work term, the introductory course, Career Fundamentals (PD1) must be taken. PD2/12 is mandatory and two other PD courses must be taken to cover non-technical skills. Other than PD1, PD courses are normally taken during each work term until the requirement is met. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be permitted to continue in co-op.

Finding a co-op job

While most students find jobs through the interview process run by Co-operative Education (CE), you are free to arrange your own job.

If you arrange your own work term, you can request to have it count as a regular work term. Please read the FAQs about arranging your own job or contact your advisor through WaterlooWorks.

Work report

Normally, work reports are due at 12:00 pm, seven days after the first official day of lectures of the academic term in which the report is required. Actual dates may vary, so it is best to confirm the due date with your program administrator.

Students who are on consecutive work terms are expected to submit a work report immediately following each work term; this also applies to students completing an eight-month work term with the same employer. Work reports can be hand delivered or mailed to the ENBUS administration office. Students who are on their fifth work term and who have successfully completed four work reports are not required to submit a fifth work report.

In cases where a student has to resubmit a portion of the report, they are only required to do the section that is requested, not re-write the whole report.