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Compulsory courses (co-op students)

Arts, Environment, Health

Mathematics, Science


Engineering students who started studying during the Fall 2020 term or later complete PD19: Tactics for Workplace Success and PD20: Engineering Workplace Skills I: Developing Reasoned Conclusions as their two compulsory courses.
Engineering students who started studying before the Fall 2020 term complete PD20 and PD21: Engineering Workplace Skills II: Developing Effective Plans.

Elective courses (co-op and EDGE students)

2 While most students who work through the program only need to take two compulsory PD courses, students in Computer Science (who started studying during the Fall 2015 term or later) and Software Engineering (who started studying during the Fall 2016 term or later) must also complete PD10: Professional Responsibility in Computing as one of their elective PD courses. For more information, visit the PD10 course page.

Elective courses (co-op students)

Not all elective courses are offered every term. When you’re thinking about your next elective PD course, consult the table below to make sure the course you want is offered during your next work term. (Rotation information is also included on each individual course page.) 

An "x" in the table below indicates that a course is being offered that term. If the space is blank, the course is not being offered in that term.

  Spring 2022 Fall 2022 Winter 2023 Spring 2023 Fall 2023
PD1 x x x x x
PD3   x x   x
PD4 x   x x  
PD5   x x   x
PD6   x x   x
PD7 x x   x x
PD8 x   x x  
PD9 x x   x x
PD10 x x x x x
PD11 x x x x x
PD12 x x x x x
PD13 x x   x x
PD19 x x x x x
PD20 x x x x x
PD22 x x x x x