PD1: Career Fundamentals

PD1: Career Fundamentals gives students the tools they need to find their first co-op job and succeed in the workplace. The course develops core career skills and helps students understand the processes that govern Waterloo’s co-op program.

What do PD1 students do?

  • Develop their résumés through feedback and in-person critiques before applying for co-op jobs
  • Refine their interview skills during the application process by signing up for mock interviews and practicing responses through course assessments
  • Complete a series of exercises meant to familiarize students with the Waterloo co-op process
  • Reflect on their existing skills and articulate those skills to potential employers

How are PD1 students graded?

PD1 students complete a series of exercises and assignments in addition to submitting their résumé. To pass the course, students need to earn a grade of 75% or higher on their résumé and an average grade of 75% or higher on their non-résumé assessments.

If you have a question about grading in PD1, contact the course team using the information in the sidebar.

Other information

There's more than just one version of PD1. Students in specialized, graduate, and certificate programs complete versions of the course that differ slightly from the version taken by co-op students? If you want to know more about these alternative versions of PD1, consult the table below:

Course code Students affected Enrolment details Key differences
PDARCH 2 2A Architecture This is the second of five PD courses taken by Architecture students. It's the first of two courses they take that's administered by WatPD. Students take PDARCH2 during the academic term prior to their first work term.

PDARCH 2 uses the same assessment deadlines as PD1, including the résumé final deadline.

Students are encouraged to include a link to their portfolio on the first page of their résumé.

There are some minor differences between select quizzes in PDARCH 2 and PD1.

PDPHRM 1 2A Pharmacy This is the first of five PD courses taken by Pharmacy students. It's the only course they take that's administered by WatPD.

Assessment deadlines during the first half of PDPHRM 1 are scheduled one week earlier than comparable deadlines in PD1. The courses use the same assessment deadlines during the second half of the course.

There are some minor differences between select quizzes in PDPHRM 1 and PD1.

PD1 EDGE Students completing the EDGE certificate program

EDGE students can complete their Career Development Course milestone by taking PD1 EDGE or an academic course listed as an equivalency. They can take the course at any point during their undergraduate career.

PD1 EDGE is also open to students who aren't enrolled in EDGE. All students in traditional programs are welcome to take the course and develop fundamental career skills, even if they're not ready to opt into EDGE.

PD1 EDGE is designed for undergraduates in traditional (non-co-op) programs, so the portions of PD1 focused on the co-op process and WaterlooWorks have been removed.

While PD1 EDGE and PD1 share a common foundation, some content and assessments have been changed to meet the needs of students in traditional programs.


PD1’s instructor is Jennifer Woodside, director of the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Career Action.


PD1 is offered every term.

Enrolment information

PD1 is the first compulsory PD course taken by students in Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Environment, Mathematics, and Science. Students are enrolled automatically and complete the course during the academic term preceding their first work term.

Students in Applied Health Sciences, Arts, and Environment complete PD12 next. Students in Mathematics and Science complete PD11 next.

Contact information

Course team: pd1@uwaterloo.ca

ISC: Evana Delay edelay@uwaterloo.ca