Research opportunities

Funded research positions are currently available for Masters and PhD research graduate students in Sustainability Management. Professors may have specific positions or are seeking students to fit within a research grant or research program. For more information, or if you do not see your research interest listed below, please refer to individual faculty research interests.

Current research opportunities
Research area Information Professor contact Student eligibility Deadline
Sustainable aviation Test technical, environmental and financial viability of electric planes Paul Parker Masters or PhD Ongoing
Climate change risk management How do public and private institutions predict, assess, and manage climate change risk? What sources of uncertainty represent barriers to action and how do we manage them? Jason Thistlethwaite Masters or PhD Ongoing

Banking and sustainable development

What are the current and potential impacts of banks and other financial institutions on sustainable development and what may banks do to influence sustainable development in a positive way? Olaf Weber Masters or PhD Ongoing
Socio-economic vulnerability in a changing climate In risk assessment, how does consideration for socio-economic vulnerability influence institutional decision-making on strategy and public policy? Jason Thistlethwaite Masters or PhD Ongoing
Circular economy A smelter database to support materials flow analysis, business analytics and metallurgical engineering knowledge to characterize global recycling capacity. Steven Young Masters or PhD (chinese language desirable) Ongoing
Environmental risk management How do businesses manage environmental risks such as water risks and conflict minerals and how do their management practices influence their financial performance? Olaf Weber Masters or PhD Ongoing
Healthcare sustainability Including institutional and technical assessment of hospital waste, medical devices and disposables – with the aim of improving the sustainability of this large impactful industry. Steven Young Masters Ongoing
Impact investing How do social banking and impact investing contribute to sustainable development? Olaf Weber Masters or PhD Ongoing
Innovation and economic development To examine the impacts of disruptive technologies in the agri-food sector in Southern Ontario. Including a survey of technologies being developed, reasons for adoption, an assessment of their impacts, and responses by regional organizations. Heather Hall PhD Ongoing
Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing of raw materials like steel, aluminum, copper and tungsten, including supply chain analysis and management systems standards.

Steven Young

Masters or PhD

Sustainable finance What is the role of voluntary and regulatory mechanisms for the financial sector to become more sustainable? Olaf Weber Masters or PhD Ongoing

Please contact professors directly for more information.