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Steven B. Young

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Steven B. Young is an industrial ecologist and associate professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise Development, University of Waterloo, Canada where he teaches in environment, business and sustainable development. His research interests include: corporate social responsibility; life-cycle assessment; responsible sourcing; sustainability standards and management systems; auditing, assurance and certification; sustainable materials, conflict minerals and critical raw materials. Professor Young is a professional engineer with degrees from University of Alberta and University of Toronto. He participates in industry and civil activities on responsible sourcing, and publishes in scholarly, industry and popular outlets.

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Selected publications

  • Cimprich, A.*, Young, S. B., Schrijvers, D., Ku, A. Y., Hagelüken, C., Christmann, P., Eggert, R., Habib, K., Hirohata, A., Hurd, A. J., Lee, M.-H., Peck, D., Petavratzi, E., Tercero Espinoza, L. A., Wäger, P., & Hool, A. (2022). The role of industrial actors in the circular economy for critical raw materials: A framework with case studies across a range of industries. Mineral Economics.
  • Santillán-Saldivar, J.*, Gemechu, E., Muller, S., Villeneuve, J., Young, S. B., & Sonnemann, G. (2022). An improved resource midpoint characterization method for supply risk of resources: Integrated assessment of Li-ion batteries. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Sherman, J., Thiel, C., MacNeill, A., Bilec, M. M., Eckelman, M., & Young, S. (2020). The Green Print: Agenda for the Advancement of Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare. Resources, Conservation and Recycling.
  • Miller, F. A., Young, S. B., Dobrow, M., & Shojania, K. G. (2020). Vulnerability of the medical product supply chain: The wake-up call of COVID-19. BMJ Quality & Safety.
  • Glogic, E.*, Sonnemann, G., & Young, S. B. (2021). Environmental Trade-Offs of Downcycling in Circular Economy: Combining Life Cycle Assessment and Material Circularity Indicator to Inform Circularity Strategies for Alkaline Batteries. Sustainability, 13(3), 1040.
  • Young, S. B., Fernandes, S.*, & Wood, M. O. (2019). Jumping the Chain: How Downstream Manufacturers Engage with Deep Suppliers of Conflict Minerals. Resources, 8(1), 26.
  • Kalverkamp, M.*, & Young, S. B. (2019). In Support of Open-Loop Supply Chains: Expanding the scope of environmental sustainability in reverse supply chains. Journal of Cleaner Production.

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  • Ph.D. - Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Toronto, 1996

  • M.A.Sc. - Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Toronto, 1989

  • B.A.Sc. - Metallurgical Engineering (Coop), University of Alberta, 1987