Metabolic Risk on Islands: Water Security in the Caribbean (MetaRisk-Water)

MetaRisk-W frames SIDS’ vulnerability to water stress from the perspective of “metabolic risk”, defined as systemic risks associated with the circulation, integrity, and availability of critical resources in a socio-ecological system. The project aims to take stock of water related research and databases in the Caribbean, and develop a common framework and definitions to aid understanding of systemic risks associated with water metabolism and related security. It also aims to develop strategic partnerships in the Caribbean for establishing a Decision Support System (DSS) for enhancing water security in the region in the next phase.

Project contributors

Simron Singh, Dr. Brent Doberstein; Dr. Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam; Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla

Student Contributor: Supriya Pande

Waterloo Industrial Ecology Group

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development