Reference author: Luis Espinoza

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Espinoza, L. T., Schrijvers, D. ., Chen, W.-Q. ., Dewulf, J. ., Eggert, R. ., Goddin, J. ., Habib, K. ., Hagelüken, C. ., Hurd, A. J., Kleijn, R. e, Ku, A. Y., Lee, M.-H. ., Nansai, K. ., Nuss, P. ., Peck, D. ., Petavratzi, E. ., Sonnemann, G. ., van der Voet, E. ., Wäger, P. A., Young, S. B., & Hool, A. . (2020). Greater circularity leads to lower criticality, and other links between criticality and the circular economy. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 159.