Welcome to the IDEATION LAB

Welcome to the Integrated Devices for Early disease Awareness and Translational applicatIONs Lab (IDEATION LAB) located in heart of Waterloo Region – one of the world's fastest growing tech sectors and the world's second highest start-up density after Silicon Valley.

The IDEATION LAB was established to provide the clinical community in Canada and abroad with tools for early disease detection and monitoring. Early detection is empowering for both clinicians and patients.  Time enables doctors and patients to make the best choices to facilitate the best outcomes.

At the IDEATION LAB we are working to create the next generation of integrated devices with the widest spectrum of possibilities and the shortest path from idea to implementation and test. Our goal is to improve quality of life and long-term survival in patients.

  1. Jan. 8, 2021IDEATION lab welcomes Peyman GhavamiNejad, PhD student

    We are happy to welcome Peyman GhavamiNejad, PhD student, to the IDEATION Lab. Peyman works on developing a wearable, microneedle-based biosensor for real-time monitoring.

    Welcome Peyman!

  2. Dec. 7, 2020Postdoctoral research covered in Stanford News

    Professor Mahla Poudineh's postdoctoral research is covered in Stanford News, Futurity, Gizmag, The Financial, MedicalXpress, Daily Geek Show, and New Atlas.

  3. Dec. 4, 2020Postdoctoral research published in Nature Biomedical Engineering

    Mahla’s postdoctoral research in collaboration with Caitlin Makawa and many others at Stanford was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. In this work, a bead-based fluorescence sandwich immunoassay implemented in a custom microfluidic chip, called RT-ELISA, was developed  that can continuously measure glucose and insulin with picomolar sensitivity and sub-second resolution in live animals.

    Congratulations Mahla!

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