Event information

Registration will take place on  Mid April 2021.

Hard Copy Registration Form

2021 Matthews Golf Classic Registration Form (coming soon)

Online Registration Process

There is a limited number of online registrations available.  Once that number has been reached, you will need to contact Jim Howard if you wish to be put on the waitlist.  jim.howard@uwaterloo.ca

Once the Registration Page is live on Wednesday, click on the Registration page on the left hand side and scroll down the page and you will be able to fill in the online form.  

If there is a player or players you want to play with put their names on the registration form.  They still need to register in order to get into the event.  Just because you have them listed on your form does not guarantee them entry into the tournament.  They must register.

After you register you will get confirmation from the website to say Thank you for your submission!

Hard Copy Registration Process

On Wednesday there will be a hard copy of the registration form you can print off. You can fill out the form then scan it and then email to jim.howard@uwaterloo.ca OR you can put the registration form in the mail or interoffice mail OR drop off the registration form to Jim in Human Resources, EC1.

Please remember to forward payment to:

Jim Howard, Human Resources, EC1 - Reception

If paying by cheque please make cheque out to “Matthews Golf Classic” and can be posted dated to Friday, June 18, 2021.  Payments can also be made with cash or e-transfer to jim.howard@uwaterloo.ca.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jim by email or by calling 36451.