Discrete (single) Items

The Mennonite Archives of Ontario also includes collections of materials gathered together by a particular type or format. Often this is because they are single items or not part of a fonds or collection. These include the following:

Academic Papers

Often from academic conferences, these papers were unpublished in the form they are maintained in the collection.

Architectural Drawings

Most of these drawings relate to the Conrad Grebel University College; some are related to Brubacher House, and a few come from other places.


These are unpublished bibliographies on Mennonite themes collected by the Mennonite Archives of Ontario. Published bibliographies are located in the Conrad Grebel University College Library.


This collection includes biographical materials that do not fit in personal manuscript collections, student papers, etc.


These are not original diaries, but are photocopies or typescript copies of diaries not associated with a personal manuscript collection. Many manuscript collections also include diaries that can by found by doing a search on the term: "Diary".

Legal Documents

This series consists of miscellaneous legal documents not located in personal or institutional collections.

Letter Collections

Used for miscellaneous letter collections not included in manuscript collections. In many cases these are photo reproductions obtained from other archival centers, or from individuals.

Local History

The Local History collection includes programs, brochures, newspaper clippings, photocopy extracts from larger works, and other materials related to local history that have been gathered by Archives staff over the years. It is organized by township within geographic region.

Maps and Charts

Maps in this series are both published and unpublished. In 2006 many maps remained unclassified. Also included are some large diagrams and charts.

"Mennonite" Cemetery Records in Ontario

Transcriptions and other records of cemeteries that are Mennonite or contain a significant number of Mennonite surnames.


These are microfilms of unpublished source documents that have been purchased from another body, or have been created by the Mennonite Archives of Ontario. Generally speaking, microfilm collections of unpublished documents must be used at the Mennonite Archives of Ontario.

Missionary Letters

Printed letters from Mennonite missionaries to North American congregations. This was a common method for maintaining "ownership" in mission programs in local congregations from the 1930s to 1970s.

News Clippings

The Mennonite Archives of Ontario holds ca. 22 feet of newspaper clippings, beginning in the 1920s until about 2001. However about 90% are from the period from 1972-2001. Many of these derive from a commercial clipping service that supplied clippings about Mennonites to the Mennonite Reporter, the Canadian Mennonite, and Mennonite Central Committee. The clippings are organized in chronological order only. There is no subject access at this time.


The scrapbooks in this series are unrelated to other fonds. These consist usually of loose-leaf books in which clippings, articles, pictures are pasted by the scrapbook creator.

Student Papers

Unpublished graduate and undergraduate term papers that may be examined in the Archives.

Transcribed Interviews

These are self-standing interviews that were not included in a personal manuscript collection.

Video Recordings

These are non-commercial video recordings in a variety of formats. The content includes interviews, congregational or conference meetings, public events, etc. These materials may only be viewed at the archives on equipment supplied by the archives.

Visual Arts

This collection includes individual items of art, including folk art, fraktur, broadsides, and paper cuttings.

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