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Title: Mennonite Archives of Ontario collection of academic papers

Classification scheme: Hist. Mss. 14

Scope and content: This collection contains unpublished papers, often from academic conferences. The authors are not necessarily academics.

  1. "Why a Quaker thinks Mennonite parochial schools are important" / David L. Newlands, 1963
  2. "Christian missions in a crisis age" / Myron Augsburger, 1966
  3. "The center of worship" / J. Richard Burkholder, 1966
  4. "Scriptural church discipline" / Osiah Horst, 1964
  5. "Comparative study of the concept of the church" / by Orley Schwartzentruber, n.d.
  6. Mennonite Graduate Fellowship Papers, Waterloo, December, 1962
    1. "Scholarship as a form of reasonable worship" / by John Oyer
    2. "Communication between scholars and non-scholars within Christian brotherhood" / Paul Wenger
    3. "A vocation for every Christian" / Virgil Vogt
    4. "An Anabaptist view of social protest" / Ed Riddick
    5. "Some marks of the Christian scholar" / Reinhard Vogt
    6. "Conrad Grebel College - A unique approach to Mennonite higher education" / Norman H. High
    7. "Bureaucratization of vocations: ministry, teaching, administration"  / Leo Driedger
  7. Dissertations -- All dissertations are in the Conrad Grebel College Library collection
  8. "An examination of Mennonite peace witness documents, 1915-1966" / Richard C. Detweiler, 1967
  9. "Toward a Biblical Theology of Peace" / Perry Yoder, 1983?
  10. Study Conference Papers
    1. - 15. Moved to Library
    1. "An historical survey of attitudes toward war and peace within the American Holiness movement" / Donald and Lucille Dayton, 1973
    2. Seminar on Christian Holiness and the issues of War and Peace, 1973
      "A theology of war and peace as related to perfect love: a case for non-participation in war" / Richard S. Taylor
      "Changing Nature of war and the the resultant ethical issues" / O. Raymond Fitzgerald
      "The Christian as Peacemaker" / Bishop Paul Ellis
    3. Church Involvement in Issues of Life and human Values (1973 : Chicago)
      "Institutional responsibilities with reference to abortion" / Marvin H. Ewert
      "Abortion: some social  considerations" / Ted Koontz
      "The Personal aspects of abortion" / Helen Alderfer
      "The religious perspectives" / Ross T. Bender
      "Ethical issues at the boundaries of life" / LeRoy Walters
    4. Mennonite Central Committee self-study papers
      "Missions, service, evangelism"
      "Structures for decison-making"
    5. "The Church, the Mennonites and the mentally ill" / Paul W. Pruyser, 1972
    6. Mennonite Central Committee self-study papers, 1973
    7. "The national character and the church's witness" / James C. Longacre, Franconia Conference Assembly, 1973.
    8. Mennonite Conference on Christian community, May 1973
      Registration materials
      "Searching for Christian community and my ethnic Mennonitism" / Menno Wiebe
    9. Peacemaking in Central America (1984 : Waterloo)
      Collection of articles circulated prior to the conference
      "The roots of conflict in Central America" / Julio Quan
      "Reconciliation attempts in Central America" / Julio Quan
      "Canada-Central America relations" / John Foster
  11. "Mennonites and Hutterites in Twentieth Century Alberta literature" / John W. Friesen, 1975?
  12. "The effects of urbanization on American life and on the church" / O. E. Baker, 1945
  13. "The teacher as facilitator" / John W. Friesen, 1975
  14. "Halfway houses" / J. M. Klassen, 1968
  15. "Opposition to conscription in Ontario" / John R. Witham, 1970
  16. "Sociological research on the Canadian Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites" / Donovan Smucker, 1974
  17. "Mennonitische Ruckwanderer aus Paraguay: Ergebnisse einer Befragung" / Hans D?ksen, 1975
  18. "Urgrossvaters Frei'zeit-Fahrt in Paraguay" / A. Langemann, c. 1967
  19. "The debate on Alternative Service during World War II" / David Fransen, 1975
  20. "South America: the last Mennonite refuge" / Cornelius & Hilda Krahn, 1975
  21. "Report and evaluation of Mennonite Central Committee's ten years in Crete (1962-1972)" / Paul Longacre, 1972
  22. "Calvin and the Anabaptists: the foundations for their theology of the sacraments" / John D. Rempel, n.d.
  23. "Historical methodology and Canadian religion: a working paper" / Rodney J. Sawatsky, 1970s
  24. "Canadian nationalism: a moral question?" / Walter Klaassen, 1967?
  25. "Erinnerungen eines Beteiligten der 'Verbandes der Buerger hollaendischer Herkunft in der Ukraine'" / Jacob A. Neufeld, 1952
  26. "The Mennonites as reflected by the Manitoba Free Press, 1910-1929" / Adolf Ens, 1973
  27. "Creativity and discipleship" / John W. Miller, 1961
  28. "What's so good about conflict?" / Eli Hochstedler, n.d.
  29. "On population control" / Calvin Redekop, 1964
  30. "Can man transcend violence?" / Ray Gingerich, n.d.
  31. "The Mennonite syndrome: psychological and psychiatric aspects" / William Klassen, 1966
  32. "What is an 'act of God'?" / Gordon D. Kaufman, n.d.
  33. "The Christian historian as prophet" / John A. Lapp, n.d.
  34. Mennonite Graduate Fellowship, "Creativity, the Christian faith and symbolism," 1961
    "Creativity, the Christian faith and symbolism" / Edward Stoltzfus
    "Some issues in the relation of the church and the arts" / Margaret Meyer Irvin
    "Creativity and discipleship" / John W. Miller
    "Cosmology as a meeting place for religion and art" / Paul Wiebe
    "Heresy as a criterion for literary criticism" / Maynard Kaufman
    "Architecture and our faith" / V. Gerald Musselman
    "American hymnody" / John Ruth
    Responses by John Howard Yoder and Norman Kraus.
  35. "Canadian culture: colonial culture" / R. Murray Schafer, 1983
  36. "Will the church fail her Lord again?" / Frank H. Epp, 1963, 10 p.
  37. "The one or the many?" / John Howard Yoder, 1961, 8 p.
  38. "Status and use of Pennsylvania German/Dutch in the Markham district of the Region of York, Ontario, Canada" / Joe M. Nighswander, 1997, 7 p.
  39. "The effect of revivalism on worship in the (Old) Mennonite Church of Waterloo Region" / Barbara Draper, 1998, 39 p.
  40. "The place of natural law in Christian ethics" / Donovan Smucker, 1947 ; photocopy from Bluffton College, 1998, ca 300 p.
  41. "Photographs as a source for the historian: the case of MCC Kitchener, the Canadian office" / Linda Huebert Hecht, 1998, 20 p.
  42. "The mission of our church related colleges" / Paul Lederach, 1997, 16, 13 p.
  43. "Marred relations : Old Order Mennonite divisions in Woolwich Township" / Donald Martin, 1999, 20 p.
  44. "Joint responsibility for humanity: Marxism and Christianity" / John D. Rempel, 1972
  45. "Shall we tell the truth?: an inquiry into hermeneutical prevarication" / John W. Miller, 1974
  46. "Participation of unbaptised people in the Lord's Supper" / John D. Rempel, 1988
  47. "The teachings of Jesus on marriage," / John W. Miller, 1971
  48. "The people of God in the Old Testament" / John W. Miller, n.d.
  49. "Steps toward peace in a world of economic conflict" / John W. Miller, 1970?
  50. "My presuppositions about human nature and the possibilities for change" / John W. Miller, n.d.
  51. "Jesus and the growing use of alcohol among Ontario Mennonites" / John W. Miller, 1976
  52. "Our need, our hope, our calling" / John W. Miller, 1970 [Conrad Grebel College student-faculty position paper, 1970-1971]
  53. "Practical expressions of the peace witness in a group setting" / John W. Miller, n.d.
  54. "The renewal of the church," / John W. Miller, 1964
  55. "War as judgment for sin in the Prophets and current Mennonite pacifist ideology" / John W. Miller, 1987
  56. "Kitchener-Waterloo House Churches" / Walter Klaassen, 1974
  57. "My name is Pilate-eternal man, or Man between truth and falsehood" / Walter Klaassen, 1960s
  58. "The biblical view of Christian community" / Walter Klaassen, 1963 [address given at Conrad Grebel College's first retreat, November 16, 1963]
  59. "New horizons for nonviolence" / Walter Klaassen, 1972
  60. "The meaning of Anabaptism" / Walter Klaassen, n.d.
  61. "Sociological research on the Canadian Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites" / Donovan Smucker, 1974
  62. "Menno Simons research, 1937-1986" / Walter Klaassen, 1986
  63. "On the idea of musical progress" / David Huron, 1983
  64. "The Anabaptist ethic and the spirit of communalism" / Calvin W. Redekop
  65. "Pro-social behavior: volunteering and the good society" / Calvin W. Redekop and Henry Regehr, 1987
  66. "Depatriarchaliziang God in biblical interpretation: a critique" / John W. Miller, 1984
  67. "Jesus at thirty: a psychohistorical inquiry" / John W. Miller, early 1980s
  68. "Crisis and reform: the Hebrew scriptures of the Christian church" / John W. Miller, 1980s?
  69. "Bukkers, ploughs and lobogreikas: peasant acquisition of agricultural implements in New Russia before 1900" / Leonard G. Friesen
  70. "The irresistible optimists meet the immovable pessimists of technology" / Donovan E. Smucker, n.d.
  71. "Sociology of education" / Donovan E. Smucker, 1984
  72. "Time, Mutability and the Matriarch in Peter G. Epp's Eine Mutter" / Peter Pauls, n.d.
  73. "A Pestiferous Sect: the Anabaptists in England from 1530-1678" / Peter Pauls, n.d.
  74. "Women and the Canadian Peace Movement : Hanna Newcombe and Canadian World Federalism" / M. Lucille Marr, 1984?
  75. "Peace Activities of the Canadian Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church: 1945-1982" / Lucille Marr, 1984
  76. "The Transition from Individual Farm Holdings to Agricultural Producers' Cooperatives in the German Democratic Republic" / Victor Peters, 1972
  77. "The Political Economy of Shared Defence Production" / Ernie Regehr, 1983?
  78. "Theological Method and Political Ethics : The Paul Tillich-Emanuel Hirsch Debate" / A. James Reimer, 1979?
  79. "Theological Debate in Yugoslavia" / A. James Reimer, 1977 (Offprint from Ecumenist)
  80. "Toward a Theology of Worship in the Believers' Church" / John Rempel, ca. 1981
  81. "Peacemaking: What Can Christians and Churches Do?" / Walter Sawatsky, 1983
  82. "Defining 'Mennonite' Diversity and Unity" / Rodney J. Sawatsky, 1982
  83. "When Our Governments are Against God" / Frank H. Epp, 1965
  84. "Kto Takie Mennonity? (Who are the Mennonites?) / James Urry, 1979
  85. "Old Colony Mennonites and Citizenship: a Comparative Perspective" / Rudolf Helling, 1981
  86. "Doing Sociology: Facts, Values, or Appreciation?" / Calvin Redekop, 1982
  87. "The Biblical Mandate: Evangelicals and Social Concerns Workshop" / John Howard Yoder, 1973
  88. "The Pacifist Implications of Holy War in Ancient Israel" / John Howard Yoder, n.d.
  89. "On the Church Being the Church" / John Howard Yoder, n.d.
  90. "Christ the Light of the World" / John Howard Yoder, n.d.
  91. "The Christian Vision of History's Direction" / John Howard Yoder, 1970
  92. "Love, Responsibility, and Sovereignty" / John Howard Yoder, n.d.
  93. "The Racial Revolution in Theological Perspective" / John Howard Yoder, 1963
  94. "Moral and Spiritual Implications of Birth Control" / John R. Mumaw, 1949
  95. "What do Mennonites Think About the Organization and Purpose of Mennonite Family Life?" / J. Howard Kauffman, n.d.
  96. "Project Concerning Younger Churches" / Ross T. Bender, 1968 [restricted]
  97. "The Christian and Peace : lectures given ... at Conrad Grebel College, April-May, 1968" / Walter Klaassen, 1968.
  98. "The Mennonite Pioneer Mission : a venture of faith" / Peter D. Fast, 1960
  99. "On Learning to Read Gorden Christian Eby's Diary (1911-19)" / Paul Tiessen, 2003
  100. "From Bishops to Pastors, from Committees to Boards: Changes in Mennonite Denominational and Congregational Structures in Post-War Canada" / Jacob Peters, 1988
  101. "Theological Developments in Canada during the 1950s and Early 1960s” / John J. Friesen, 1988
  102. "Mennonite Home Missions in the 1950s" / Peter Penner, 1988
  103. "Changes in Language and Cultural Symbols during the 1950s" / Adolf Ens, 1988
  104. "Post-War Developments in Canadian Mennonite Literature" / Victor G. Doerksen, 1988?
  105. "Some Inferences Concerning the Impact of World War II on Education among Mennonites in Canada" / John J. Bergen, 1987
  106. "The relationship between the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Canadian Wheat Board, 1975-1981" / Dennis E. Stoesz, 1988
  107. "Submerged in Love: an Interpretation of the Diary of Lydia Reimer" / Pamela Klassen, 1992
  108. "Native Concerns: the first 12 Years" / John Funk, 1987
  109. "From Modal Auxiliary to Lexical Verb: the Curious Case of Pennsylvania German Wotte" / Kate Burridge, 1996?
  110. "'Separate and Peculiar' : the Survival of Pennsylvania 'Dutch' in Ontario Canada" / Kate Burridge, 1996?
  111. "Our understanding of Christian vocation and its implications for education in the church college" / Albert J. Meyer, [1964?]
  112. Mennonite Graduate Fellowship meeting, 1-3 Jan 1959, Columbus, Ohio:
    1. "Academic potential and problems of Mennonite scholars" / M.E. Jacobs
    2. "The unique challenges of the university campus" / Stanwyn G. Shetler
    3. "Characteristics of the Mennonite graduate student" / John L. Ruth
    4. "Determinism and creativity" / Own Gingerich
    5. "Mennonites and cultural change" / Urbane Peachey
    6. "The church's responsibility in artistic discrimination"  / Mary Oyer
  113. Student Services Summer Seminar, Elkhart, Indiana, Aug 1964
    1. "Anabaptist dissent : Swiss origins and issues" / William Klassen
    2. "Advance and consolidation : South Germany and the vision refocused" / William Klassen
    3. "The binding and loosing community" / William Klassen
    4. "The state and its place : rebellion and rebuke" / William Klassen
    5. "Form of the new life in Christ as viewed in Anabaptist history and theology" / William Klassen
    6."Recovery of the Anabaptist vision" / John Howard Yoder
    7. "Christian apologetics" / Victor Adrian
    8. "Mennonite Brethren Church : (born of Anabaptism and Pietism) / Victor Adrian
    9. "Discipleship as a twentieth century option in the Christian encounter with communism" / Clarence Bauman
    10. "What men live by : a theological preface to ethics" / Clarence Bauman
    11. "The Christian and the economic order : (ethical reflections on the struggle between having and being" / Clarence Bauman
    12. "Renewal of the church" / John Miller
    13. "Struggles of a Mennonite in a non-Mennonite university or dilemma of the Mennonite intellectual situation in Manitoba" / Jack Thiessen
    14."The primeval history : (studies in the Old Testament) ; (discussion 5)" / Millard Lind
    15. "The General Conference Mennonite Church" / Erland Waltner
    16. "Chapel meditation" / Ross T. Bender
  114. [Reformation and early Anabaptist history from an Old Order perspective] / Donald Martin.
  115. "Who stimulates and stifles change among the Old Order Mennonites (Ontario)?" / John F. Peters, 2001. - Donated to the Archives by Marlene Epp in 2016.
  116. "Education as change" / Norm Kauffman, 1990
  117. "The genesis of Mennonite Exodus, the book" / Peter Rempel, 2018
  118. "The region between the Jura Lakes as Anabaptist colony (or reservation), plans in 1710" / Daniel L Vischer. Ervie Gick (translator).
    Note: This is an English translation of: Vischer, Daniel. “Die Aare als ganzjähriger Wasserweg : der Schwallbetrieb zwischen Thun und Bern.” Berner Zeitschrift für Geschichte 74, no. 4 (2012): 36–.

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