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Title: Mennonite Archives of Ontario collection of biographical and autobiographical materials

Scope and content: The collection consists of brief biographical materials that do not fit in other record groups.

  1. "Historical sketch of Joseph Schneider: founder of the city" / W.V. Uttley. -- 1929.
  2. Arthur Kroeger (1932-2008) obituary
  3. "Aus der Selbstbiographie unseres Vaters und Grossvaters Heinrich Unruh, weiland Predigers und Aeltesten der Halbstaedter Gemeinde Sued-Russland" / Herbert P. Enns, compiler, 1965 (carbon copy of typescript)
  4. David Penner (1904- ), son of Johann and Katharina (Dyck) Penner, was a physics teacher in the Soviet Union.
    "David Penner, Prokopjewsk, Arbeitsarmee (Erinnerungen)" in Heimatliche Weiten 1989 (1), 236-263. - Photocopy
    "David Penner: Kindheit und Jugend," Heimatliche Weiten 1989(2), 164-228. - Pages from journal donated by Peter Rempel in 2021. File also includes note from Rempel on David Penner.
  5. "Bishop Clayton F. Derstine", 1967 - memorial tribute read on day of funeral
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  8. "Obituary of Isaaac A. Wambold", 1954 (carbon copy of typescript)
  9. "Pennsylvania heritage: Mennonite inventor [Joseph Shirk], clipping from Philadelphia Inquirer magazine, Jan. 31, 1965. - Joseph Shirk, member of Lichty's Mennonite Church, in Churchtown, Lancaster, County, Pa. was an inventor who died in 1902.
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  11. "MCC director dies suddenly [obituary of Harvey Taves]", 1965 from Canadian Mennonite, May 11, 1965
  12. Funeral order of service for Elsie Mae (Ramer) McDowell, 1923-2018
  13. "Ex-missionary now Hawkesville pastor [news story re: Simeon Hurst]" from K-W Record, Aug. 7, 1965
  14. "Oscar Burkholder (1886-1956)" / Norma J. Shantz, 1971. -- Biography of Oscar Burkholder.
  15. [Biography of Abram Barg] / Abram Barg, ca. 1969
  16. Handwritten biographical information about Dietrich Isaak [photocopy from Nikolai Isaak]
  17. "Hydro leader's portrait unveiled: [clipping re: Daniel B. Detweiler] from K-W Record, Nov. 30, 1970
  18. Various clipping re: Isaiah Bowman, native of Waterloo County who became President of Johns Hopkins University
  19. "Horse and buggy postman" -  article about Amos Bowman, rural postman who still used horse and buggy for delivery in Canadian weekly, March 28, 1964
  20. "Aus 'Mein Jenseits' von Carmen Sylva" : excerpts about German Mennonite pastor, Carl Harder.
  21. "Lorna Bergey" / Marilyn Berge. --March 2004
  22. "War led Alfred O'Krafka to embrace pacifism" / Valerie Hill.--Waterloo Region Record, 9 Jul 2012, p.B3
  23. "Isaac Isaac Regehr" / T.D. Regehr. - Ted Regehr's review of his father's life for his 90th birthday, 1982
  24. Elhanan Bowman
    Elhanan Bowman established the first telephone system in Elmwood, and brought radio to the village. He was also an inventor.
    1. "Elhanan Bowman, 1874-1964" (photocopy). - from "Sketches of the village of Elmwood : both past and present" / compiled by H. J. Schaab with the assistance of A. Hahn. - Elmwood, Ont. : s.n., 1967. 2 pages.
    2. "Made telephone & radio : 18 April 1964" (photocopy) donated to the Archives by Philip Bowman in 2015, 1 page.
  25. "A tragic beginning had happy ending" / Valerie Hill. - Waterloo Region Record, 15 Jul 2013, p. C1. - profile of Veronica (Sudermann) Dyck, 1914-2013.
  26. "Walter Teichroeb" [obituary]. New Hamburg Independent, 11 May 1934. See photograph 2014-1.1.
  27. Rev. Simeon B. Martin, 1897-1984. - Funeral order of service, including a brief autobiography
  28. List of Mennonite servicemen killed in the Second World War compiled by Abram Driediger of Kelowna, BC. Donated to the Archives in 2013.
  29. Richard Schiedel, 1932-2010. - Funeral order of service including a brief biography.
  30. "Determined Mennonite woman was a trailblazer: Margaret Brubacher Good of Waterloo." Waterloo Region Record, 23 Nov 2015
  31. Biographical sketch of Ervin Bender by Malachi Bender. Ervin Bender was a conscientious objector who served in Alternative Service at Montreal River.
  32. "Mutti's Lebens verzeichnis" by Marie (Herde-Mertens) Jantzen (1904-1957). - Marie Jantzen was born in Koppental, Am Trakt and died in Kitchener, Ontario. - A transcribed and translated version of her autobiography by Erica Jantzen is in the Milton Good Library. - Donated to the Archives by Erica Jantzen in 2018.
  33. "Robert Shantz as he [is] remember[ed] by his siblings." - A tribute at his funeral by the siblings of Robert Shantz (1938-2019), 5 Oct 2019.
  34. Harder, V. Peter. “A grateful tribute.” 24 December 1985 - A eulogy for John Norman Harder (1910-1985)
  35. Harder, V. Peter. “Our Mother’s Journey: Mary Harder.” July 2006. - A eulogy for Mary Tiessen Harder (1913-2006)
  36. Martin, Almeda S. "Life and times of Almeda Steckle Martin." 1998.
  37. "Gerhard Penner" translated by Katherine (Thiessen) Wiens from Mennonitische Martyrer (vol. II).


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