Classification scheme: 
Hist.Mss. 12

Dates of creation: 1835-present; photocopies from 1980s and 1990s

20 cm. of textual records

The Local History collection includes programs, brochures, newspaper clippings, photocopy extracts from larger works, and other materials related to local history that have been gathered by Archives staff over the years. It is organized by township within geographic region.

  1. Waterloo Region
    1. Kitchener-Waterloo (Waterloo Township)
    2. Wilmot (New Hamburg, Baden, etc.)
    3. Woolwich (Breslau, Conestogo, Elmira, St. Jacobs, etc.)
    4. Wellesley (Wellesley, etc.)
    5. Cambridge (Preston, Hespeler, Galt)
  2. Perth/Oxford Counties
  3. York County/Toronto
  4. Niagara Peninsula
    1. Welland County (Humberstone, Willoughby Township, etc.)
    2. Haldimand County (Rainham, etc.)
    3. Lincoln County (Vineland, Jordan)
  5. Other Ontario areas
    1. Bruce/Grey Counties
    2. Wentworth (Hamilton)
    3. Huron (Zurich)
    4. Simcoe (Barrie)
    5. Norfolk (Long Point)
    6. Kent (Moraviantown)
    7. The North
    8. Lambton (Arkona)
  6. Non-Ontario areas
    1. Kansas
    2. Ohio
    3. Pennsylvania
  1. Waterloo Region
    - Welf H. Heick, "The Lutherans of Waterloo County, Ontario, 1810-1959: a historical study" (M.A. Thesis, 1959)
    - "Tour of Mennonite historic sites in Waterloo County: prepared for Lancaster Mennonite Historical Societyk" 1986
    - A. Eby, "Essay on forestry and arboriculture," photocopy from Annual report of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Arts for the Province of Ontario for the year 1881, 191-199
    - A. Eby, "Should we plant trees," photocopy from  Annual report of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Arts for the Province of Ontario for the year 1882, 51-53
    - A. Eby, "How should we manage our natural forests," photocopy from  Report of the Fruit Grower's Association of Ontario for the year 1883. In Sessional papers, First Session of the Fifth Legislature of the Province of Ontario, 1884, vol. 16, Part 2, No. 7, 292-296
    - "The Dutchman's hen: or female perversity" [poem] photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (June 1868)
    - "Results from careful farming" [About Henry Groff], photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (February 1887), 36
    - J.E. Meyer, "September suggestions for the poultry-keeper" photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Sept. 1, 1896), 356
    - Elias B. Kolb, "Clover the best green fertilizer for potatoes" photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (May 2, 1898), 208
    - Wm. Snider, "An experience with Kansas Turkey Red wheat"; Tilman E. Bowman, "Early Red Clawson does better than the Kansas sort"; Peter Shirk, "The wheat that the millers want" photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Aug. 1, 1900), 435
    - J.E. Meyer, "How to house and feed your poultry for profit," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Dec. 1, 1900), 682
    - Geo. H. Bauman, "How a bunch of 1,700-lb cattle were fed" photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (June 1, 1901), 364
    - Anson Groh, "Forests and floods," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (April 28, 1904), 605
    - Anson Groh, "After milk and beef," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (March 17, 1904)
    - Anson Groh, "A cow with a clear conscience" photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (April 27, 1905)
    - A. Groh, "Collect weed seeds this fall," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Aug. 31, 1905), 1215
    - H. Groh, "Shallow plowing the best," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Nov. 9, 1905), 1579
    - Anson Groh, "A strong case for woodland exemption," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Feb. 15, 1906), 699
    - Ervin Groff, "Profit from management," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (n.d.)
    - H. Groh, "Lessening labor on Ontario farms," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Sept. 27, 1906), 1516
    - H. Groh, "One view on the stable question," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Dec. 27, 1906), 744
    - E.H. Good, "A Mennonite school," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Feb. 4, 1909), 354
    - J.E. Bergey, "Poultry on the farm," photocopy from O.A.C. review (July 1913), 572-573.
    - J.E. Bergey, "The Ontario egg trade," photocopy from O.A.C. review (March 1914), 288-289.
    - Herbert Groh, "Objects to life insurance," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Feb. 8, 1914), 40
    - Anson Groh, "Put co-operation on proper basis," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Feb. 8, 1917), 1272
    - E.S. Snider, "The personal factor in poultry-keeping" photocopy from O.A.C. review (Dec. 1917), 118-120.
    - Milton Bergey, "From ox-cart to the farmer's automobile," Photocopy from The Canadian Countryman (Jan. 5, 1918), 13
    - "Farming in Waterloo," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (June 2, 1910), 917.
    - John Steckle, "Different types of mixed farms," photocopy from The Canadian countryman (Aug. 24, 1918), 1047.
    - Beniah Bowman, "United Farmers favor Swiss democracy?" photocopy from Farmers' magazine (Dec. 1, 1919), 14.
    - Lloyd W. Snyder, "The village is needed," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Feb. 9, 1923), 1846.
    - E. Snider, "The meaning and purpose of education," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (1923), 389.
    - E. Snider, "Restricting production," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Apr. 19, 1925), 60?.
    - Nelson Bechtel, "Alfalfa in Waterloo," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Oct. 1, 1925), 1360.
    - Ezra Snider, "The animals' convention," photocopy from The Canadian countryman (Apg. 21, 1926), 7, 23.
    - Lloyd W. Snyder, "Some school fair suggestions," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (1928), 1848.
    - Lloyd W. Snyder, "Junior farmers providing leadership," photocopy from Farmer's Advocate (Mar. 5, 1925), 332.
    - "Annual farm and seed edition," Special section, Kitchener-Waterloo Record (March 1, 1948), 48 p.; includes article on early settlers, etc.
    - "Tod der unglucklichen Polly" (photocopy). - Morgenstern Druckerei, 1840. - text of a poem set to music printed in the Waterloo area. A letter, printed in the same sheet, explains the provenance.
    - Land rights : a global solution for the Six Nations of the Grand River / Six Nations Council. - Ohsweken, Ont. : Six Nations Lands and Resources Department, [2010?].
    - Six miles deep : land rights of the Six Nations of the Grand River / Six Nations Council. Ohsweken, Ont. : Six Nations Council, [201-].
    - Red Cross knitting instructions for war work : number 1 for the Services. - Toronto : [the Society], Rev. Ed., Nov 1940. - Donated by Alison Enns in 2015. Found among knitting yarns at a Mennonite thrift store; possibly used by local women to knit for the Red Cross.
    - Bird, Michael S. "Ontario fraktur." Antiques CXXIV no. 3 (September 1983): 538-548. Note: Also includes fraktur from Lincoln County and York County.
    1. The following items relate to Martin's School located on King St. N. in Waterloo across from the Old Order Mennonite meeinghouse. After the school closed it was converted to other uses. In the 1990s it served as an Orthodox church.

      "Excerpts from minutes of Martin's school, 1862-1946." Photocopy provided by Ananias Martin, 1 p.
      "Teachers at Martins' School from 1862 until 1946" Photocopy 1 p.
      "Trustees at Martins' School from 1862 until 1946" Photocopy 1 p.
      "Trustees' Book for Union School Schtion No. 21, Waterloo and Woolwich, January, 1862" Photocopy of first three pages
      "Indenture, Moses Schantz & Wife to Trustees of School Section no. 21 of Waterloo and Woolwich," Jan. 27, 1875. Photocopy
      "Public school inspector's report," 1940 Photocopy 2 p.

      The following miscellaneous items relate to Waterloo Township (Kitchener/Waterloo) or the larger Region

      - Edward Klinckhard, "Some observations on the Province of Upper Canada, especially in regard to the German immigration," translated from Canada Museum (23 Feb. 1837), p. 2
      - Waterloo Township tax receipt - $71.80 received from Barbara Clemmer, Nov. 1, 1893
      - A.G. Seyfert, "Migration of Lancaster County Mennonites to Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada, from 1800 to 1825" in Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society Friday, March 5, 1926, 33-41
      - Illustrations from above paper
      - Samuel Martin to Benjamin Weber, translation of letter, March 24, 1833. (Original at Goshen?)
      - "Memorial no. 337 recorded the 28th day of March A.D. 1854 at ten oclock a.m. -- between Elias Wildfong and William Danforth. Photocopy. Related to union meetinghouse in Hespeler?
      - News and views of the Grand River watershed, Vol. 1, no. 3 (Sept./Oct. 1992).
      - "The story of a busy city" Special anniversary supplement to Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Section 4, June 9, 1962). 2 copies. Includes historical articles.
      - "Special edition celebrating Canada's centennial," Waterloo Chronicle Sept. 27, 1967. Includes historical articles.
      - Robert S. Dilley, "Migration and the Mennonites: nineteenth-century Waterloo County, Ontario" photocopy from Canadian Papers in Rural History 4 (1986), 109-129
      - "An act for the relief of Daniel Erb and other persons whose names are therein mentioned," March 31, 1828;  photocopy and typescript transcription.
      - "Among the editors of Ontario German newspapers, 1835-1918" n.d.
      - "Tree long gone, but legend lives," newsclipping about "riding whip" poplar tree that grew in front of Waterloo's grist mill by 1889. No date or source.
      - German Pioneers Day, 2002. - program for German Pioneers Day, celebrated at Kitchener City Hall, 15 Oct 2002, 36 pp.
      - German Pioneers Day, 2014. - program for German Pioneers Day, celebrated at Kitchener City Hall, 14 Oct 2014. - One of the honourees was Peter Martin (1769-1831). The program includes an essay by Andrew C. Martin entitled "Swiss-German pioneer Peter Martin 1769-1831."
      - Snyder-Gingrich log house in Waterloo (Lot 63 GCT) information and clippings from Roy G. Snyder, 5 pp.
      - Anne Crowe, "Sugarbush Settlers," Sugarbush Park Community Association website, 2020.
      - "Die wunderbare Geschichte von Concordia, Eines Commandanten Tochter...". - Broad side of a poem printed in Berlin, Canada, 1847. Transferred from the Mennonite Church USA Archives (Elkhart, Ind).
      - "Prospectus of a work containing a spiritual conversation on saving faith for the young...". - Publisher Peter Eby's prospectus for a catechism and confession of faith for Mennonites, Berlin, May 1854. Includes the names of several subscribers written in. Transferred from the Mennonite Church USA Archives (Elkhart, Ind.).
      - "Guest of Kitchener" flyer by the Kitchener Chamber of Commerce, 1954. Features a Conestoga wagon illustration with settlers (presumably Mennonite). 2 copies.
      - "Pennsylvania-German Foodways in Waterloo County." Joseph Schneider Haus, 19 leaves.

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    2. Wilmot Township/German Block
      - "Die Deutschen in Pennsylvanien sind erwacht!"; list of settlers in Wilmot, Canada Museum (14 Jan. 1836), p. 2; photocopy, 2 p.
      - "List of German settlers in Wilmot made by John Goessman, 4 Nov. 1829" Typescript prepared from RG 1, L 3, Vol. 208, "G" Bundle 15, no. 42 pp. 00-ww   (Film C-2032) (See Hist.Mss.11.12, reel 2), 3 p.
      - "Upper Canada land petitions" Typescript prepared from RG 1, L 3, Vol. 208 (Film C-2032) (SeeHist.Mss.11.12, reel 2) prepared by Lorraine Roth, 8 p.
      - "Upper Canada land petitions" Typescript prepared from RG 1, L 3, Vol. 530 (Film C-2032) (SeeHist.Mss.11.12, reel 3) prepared by Lorraine Roth, 1989, 7 p.
      - "Land registry record from Provincial Archives" Typscript prepared from MS 658, Reel #522  (SeeHist.Mss.11.12, reel 1) prepared by Lorraine Roth, 1989, 5 p.
      - "Transcribed copy of letter of Samuel Street Wilmot accompanying his report on the settlement of German settlers in Wilmot Township to Peter Robinson, Commissioner of Crown Lands," 11 February 1830;  prepared by Lorraine Roth, 1989, 5 p.
      - "Order of events" re: Amish settlers in Wilmot Township prepared by Lorraine Roth, 1989?, 6 p.
      "University of Toronto Archives notes and transcriptions" photocopy of petitions, minutes, etc. re: Wilmot settlement, 1822-1851, 34 p.
      - "125th anniversary: Blenheim Mennonite congregation"
      -  Jacob Gross letter of 21 Nov. 1821 (photocopy of translation)
      - Tho. Ridout to Goessmann, 6 Feb. 1824  (Photocopy; original in Archives of Ontario, MS31, R#2, Book 4)
      - Peter Robinson letter, 19 Sept. 1828 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Reel C-6866)
      - "Civil Secretary's correspondence, 27 Dec. 1821" re: settlement of Mennonites (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Reel C-4604) 2 p.
      - Collection of letters and petitions by Amish, translated by John Goessmann, 1829 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Vol. 96, Reel C-6868), 34 p.
      - Petiton by John Goessmann, 24 Dec. 1829 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Reel C-6869), 3 p.
      - Herman Guth, "Immigrant Ulrich Nafziger: ancestor of Mennonite Nafzigers" photocoppy fromMennonite Family History, July 1987, 84-87
      - "Minute Council 3rd June 1817 on certain lands adjacent to the Township of Waterloo"(Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L3, Vol. 527, "W" Bundle,  Reel C-2953), 2 p.
      - "16th October 1822" ruling that land be available to Mennonites in Pronton and Malanthon townships (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L1, Land Book "L",  Reel C-103)
      - Petition of Jacob Erb and others "To His Excellency", 12 April 1825 requesting land for assisting immigrants (Photocopy), 3 p.
      - Jacob Erb to Lieut. Gov., 16th April 1825, requesting land (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Vol. 71, Reel C-4614)
      - John Goessman to His Excellency, 5 Dec. 1828 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Vol. 90, Reel C-6866)
      - Memorial of John Goessman, 5 Dec. 1828 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L1, Land Book "N", Reel C-104)
      - Collection of correspondence, early 1830 related to land in Wilmot Township (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Vol. 98, Reel C-6869), 31 p.
      - "12 March 1830" re: German settlers in Township of Wilmot (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L1, Land Book "O", Reel C-104) 3 p.
      - Summary of Wilmot assessments in Deutscher Canadier, July 14, 1848 Photocopy
      - Petitions re: land grants in Wilmot Township (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L3, Vol. 178, "E" Bundle, Reel C-1889)
      - Upper Canada Land petitions "W" Bundle 18, 1833-1835 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.1, L 3, Vol. 533 (a)), 17 p.
      - Correspondence re: Wilmot Land, 1855 (Photocopy; original in National Archives of Canada, R.G.5, A1, Reel C-6866) (Photocopy, Ontario Archives, R.G. 1, C-IV-Wilmot, Misc. Wilmot Township Papers, #1-44, Box 535, Folder 11), 44 p.
      - "Kropf family cemetery - end end of Baden" description and history by Lorraine Roth, 2007 
      - "Das goldene A B C, fur Jedermann : wer es vesolgt, vestechen kann" (photocopy). - "Gedrucht in der Druckerei des Canadisches Volksblatt - Neu Hamburg, C.W." [186-?]. - 1 sheet (42 x 28 cm)

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    3. Woolwich Township
      - Jerry Dick, "Conestogo historical buildings: a walking tour," 1982 1 folded page
      - Mrs. John Hall, "A concise history of the founding of the Township of Woolwich," 1974 1 folded page (2 copies)
      - "Around the Village of St. Jacobs" 1970s? 1 folded page

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    4. Wellesley Township
      - "Schedule of improvements in the Township of Wellesley," 5 Sept. 1843 (Photocopy; original in Archives of Ontario, RG1, Series A-I-7, vol. 5, env. 5), 5 p.
      - Bushman to Deutscher Canadier, Nov. 24, 1848 (typescript of translation), 2 p.
      - Petition by "colored people" to the government asking to purchase a block of land in what became Wellesley Township, 20 Dec. 1828 Photocopy
      - Notes on contents of RG 1, E3, Vol. 1-54 (National Archives of Canada) by Reg Good, n.d.
      - J. Joseph, "An den Deutschen, die in des sogenannten King's Busch wohnen," Canada Museum, Oct. 13, 1836, p. 2 Photocopy
      - "Free people of color of Baltimore" to His Excellency re purchase of land in Canada, May 4, 1830; photocopy
      - Joseph Davis to J.M. Higganson encouraging a favorable response to land petitions from Mennonites in Wilmot Township, 20 Nov. 1844 (Photocopy; Ontario Archives, MS 563, R#21 #20308-20311), 3 p.
      - Land Petition to Lt. Governor, 8 Sept. 1836 re: lands in Wellesley (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 1, L3, Vol. 472, "S" Bundle 20, Reel C-2819), 4 p.
      - William Walker to Surveyor General, 5 Sept. 1843 re: surveying of Wellesley (Photocopy, MC 30, Reel 8)
      - Land Petition by John Shantz, 1848? (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 1, L3, Vol. 540 (a), "W" Bundle 20), 6 p.
      - Land petition from settlers in "Queen's Bush" including a number of persons of color, July, 1841 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 1, L3, Vol. 410 (a), "P" Bundle 1, Reel C-2733), 15 p.
      - Land petitions, 1846-1849 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 1, L3, Vol. 539, "W" Bundle 4, Reel C-2964), 38 p.

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    5. Cambridge
      - "Hespeler third name for town" Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Sept. 22, 1970, 32
      - Jennie F. Cowan, "Preston in early Canada" n.d. 1 sheet

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    Kitchener-Waterloo (Waterloo Township)
  3. Perth/Oxford Counties
    - "Erbtown" from South of Sodom: the history of South Norwich (South Norwich Historical Society, 1983), 210-212. Photocopy
    - The Ebersol "junior" feeder / Ebersol Farm Equipment Company, Milverton, Ont. [after 1908]. - a flyer advertising threshing equipment
    - "Amish Tours for October" / Perth County Visitors' Association, [20--]

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  4. York County/Toronto
    - Mabel Burkholder, "Palatine settlements in York County" offprint from Ontario Historical Society vol. 37 (1945), p. 81-96. Handwritten notes laid in.
    - Will. Willcocks to William Berczy, 26 Oct. 1804 Photocopy, 2. p.
    - Mike Schultze, "Plain truths in a plain dress," Colonial Advocate 30 April 1829, p. 3 (Photocopy) Perported conversation with Nicholas Overholtz, "the mennonist from Markham."
    - Van J. Newell, "Rural roots of Old Jane-Finch" a historical calendar, 1983. Includes photographs of Mennonite sites.
    - "Welcome: Sharon Temple National Historic Site" pamphlet, [ca.2013]

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  5. Niagara Peninsula
    1. Welland County
      - L. Bert Nye, "Amerian Nyes of German origin," Photocopy, 1 p.
      - Harold Nigh, "Early Mennonites in the Niagara Peninsula," Photocopy of typescript, n.d., 4 p.
      - Notes from Willoughby Historical Calendar, 1981 by Reg Good
      - "The Sherk-Troup log house" n.d. Photocopy, 2. p.
      - Petition of Jesse Zavitz re land, July 1816 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 5, A1,  Reel C-4547), 3 p.
      - Petition of Christian Zavitz re land, 17 July 1816 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 5, A1,  Reel C-4547), 3 p.
      - Petition of Jacob Cochenaure re land, July 1816 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 5, A1,  Reel C-4547), 2 p.
      - "Notes from Niagra", vol. 3, no. 4 (Oct. 1983). Photocopy. Includes local history related to early Mennonites.
      - "The Zavitz family" Photocopy, 2 p.
      - E.A. Cruikshank, "The settlement of the Township of Fort Erie, now known as the Township of Bertie", in Welland County Historical Society papers and records, v. 5 (1938), 18-90. Photocopy.
      - Donna Guglielmin, "Pioneer home is now an exclusive inn," Port Colborne news, Jan. 6, 1980. Photocopy. About Michael Graybill home.
      - "Historical buildings of Port Colborne" Photocopy. 10 p.
      - "A condensed history of the Township of Humberstone in the County of Welland to commemorate Canad's centennial" Photocopy of extracted pages relevant to Mennonites.
      - "Fort Erie-Buffalo ferries operated from 1796 to 1949" Photocopy. 1 p. Also a peace from a book about the Peace Bridge.
      - "Pioneer days of the Niagara District recalled" Photocopy of typescript of 1928 article. 2 p.
      - Mrs. French Ganby, "Wainfleet Township 1962," Photocopy of typescript, 7 p.
      - Christian Stoner to "All whom concerned" 1817. Photocopy 2. p. Attests that Christian Stoner, Christian Knisly and Abraham Neff settled in Sugarloaf in 1788.
      - Three photocopied pages from The John Strachan letter book: 1812-1834 concerning remarks by John Strachan re: Quakers, Tunkards or "religionists who refuse to bear arms" 
      - Willoughby historical calendars for 1970-1980, 1982-1985. These include reproductions of photographs of early Mennonite homes, etc.

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    2. Haldimand County
      - W.L. Smith, The pioneers of Old Ontario, (Toronto : George N. Morang, 1923), 18-27. Photocopy of section that includes early Mennonites in Haldimand County.
      - William A. Hunter, "Klingensmith, Peter", in Dictionary of Canadian biography, v. 8, 476-477. Includes references to the Hoover family that settled in Canada in 1791.
      - Map of North Erie Shore / North Erie Shore Historical Society.--includes locations of Mennonite sites, 3 p.

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    3. Lincoln County
      - W.H. Breithaupt, First settlement of Pennsylvania Mennonites in Upper Canada," in Ontario Historical Society, 23 (1926). Photocopy of p. 11 which lists names of early Culp, Overhalt, Frey, Myers, Meyers.
      - E.A. Cruikshank, Records of Niagara, 1784-7 (Niagara Historical Society), 122-128. Photocopy of pages listing Loyalists and disbanded troops settled in the district of Niagara. (includes Overholt and Culp names)
      The Old United Empire Loyalists list (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969), photocopy of three pages that mention Overholt name.
      Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario, Alexander Frazer, ed. Vol. 2 (1904) (Toronto, 1905), p. 972 Photocopy re: claim of Wido Obenholt (Overholt) in 1787.
      - Notes by Reg Good from AO 13, v 40, p.332. of Audit Office. Re. evidence on claim of the Widow Overholt, Aug. 27, 1787.
      Canada Public Archives report, 1892. Sessional Papers, vol. 5, Third Session of the Seventh Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, 1813, vol. 26. Photocopy of page that indicates Jacob Hoover and Mrs. Elizabeth Overholt are expunged from the U.E. list.
      Pennsylvania Archives, George Edward Reed, ed.. Fourth series, vol. III: Papers of the Governors, 1759-1785 (Harrisburg : State of Pennsylvania, 1900), p. 936-945. Photocopy of list of persons proclaimed traitors of Pennsylvania. Names include Bean, Boyer, Bare, Fouts, Good, Mayer, Overholt and Shoemaker.
      Pennsylvania Archives, George Edward Reed, ed. Sixth series, vol. VII (Harrisburg : State of Pennsylvania, 1907), 3 p. Photocopy of pages related to estates forfeited by John Overholt.
      Pennsylvania Archives, George Edward Reed, ed. Sixth series, vol. XIII (Harrisburg : State of Pennsylvania, 1900), p. 434-35. Photocopy re: claims against estate of John Overholt.
      - J.A.C. Kennedy, "Lincoln Militia return, 1818), Families Vol. 10, 1971. p. 13-17. Includes lists of Mennonites and Tunkers.
      - "Return of Menonists, Quakers or Tunkers, 2 Riding District of Niagara, 4 June 1838" Typescript list.
      - W.W.H. Davis, The history of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.. (Doylestown, Pa. : Democrat Book and Job Office , 1876), 411-412. Lists earliest Mennonite settlers moving to Ontario.
      - Reg Shantz Good, "A United Empire Loyalist" Mennonite Reporter Vol. 16, no. 3 Photocopy. Re: Elizabeth Overholt.
      - "Numbered townships name conversion list for Upper Canada" 3 p. includes map
      - Petition from Isaac Culp to Lieut. Govenor, 1836 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 5, A1,  Reel, Vol. 168, C-6890), 6 p.
      - Civil Secretary's correspondence, Upper Canada sundries, March-April 1837 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, RG 5, A1,  Vol. 175, Reel C-6893), 2 p.
      - "Records: Beamsville Baptist Church, 1807-1859" Photocopy of typescript. 54 p. References Overholt family.
      - E. Cruikshank, Ten years of the Colony of Niagara, 1780-1790 (Welland, 1908), p. 41-47. Photocopy of list of settlers prior to 1785.
      - E.A. Cruikshank, Records of Niagara: a collection of documents relating to the first settlement, 1778-1783 (Niagara Historical Society, 1927), Selected pages. 
      - E.A. Cruikshank, Records of Niagara, 1784-7 (Niagara Historical Society), Selected pages
      - "Names only but much more: Number 1 Company, Niagara" Photocopy of selected pages, including list of Mennonites, Quakers and Tunkers in 2nd riding, 1838.
      - "Return of Loyalists & disbanded troops settled in the district of Niagara West from Mill Crek, 1787" from Public Archives of Canada, 2 p. 
      - "The German Lutheran settlement of Rhineland" from Helena E. Bilger, 125 years of blessing: 1854-1979. About early German Lutherans working on Mennonite farms.
      - Petition of freeholders about their loyalty during the "late war" with the United States, 1826 (Photocopy, National Archives of Canada, C.O. 42, Vol. 380 (B-310), 15 p.
      - W.H. Merritt Papers, Vol. 13 (M.G. 24, E 1, Vol. 15 (C-7062), 21 June 1841. Re: Mennonites or Tunkers giving names to militia officers

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  6. Other Ontario regions
    1. Bruce/Grey Counties
      - "Bruce County historical notes" Vol. 7, no. 2 (Sept. 1965). Mimeographed copy
      - Laura M. Gateman, The history of the Township of Brant, 1854-1979 (Elmwood, 1979), p. 243-244. Photocopy of pages about Elmwood Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church.
      A history of Sullivan Township, 1850-1975 (Desboro, Ont. : Sullivan Historical Society, 1975), p. 74-76. Photocopy of pages about Old Order Amish settling in the area in 1950s
      - "Church life in Grey County: a historical supplement" Reference to Mennonite churches, including "Mennonite Corners" south of Owen Sound.

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    2. Wentworth/Hamilton
    3. Huron County
    4. Simcoe County
      - Brochure on Lakeview Dairy; President was Willard L. Kinzie, n.d.
    5. Norfolk County
      - Donald A. Bascombe, Port Rowan and Long Point (Port Dover, n.d.) Photocopy of page about the settlement of Long Point by John Troyer in 1791.
    6. Kent County
      - Arthur D. Graeff, Transplants of Pennsylvania Indian nations in Ontario. Reprint from Pennsylvania History (Vol. 15, no. 3 (July, 1948)
    7. The North
    8. Lambton County

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  7. Outside Ontario
    1. Kansas
      - Collection of programs, etc. related to centennial celebrations of Mennonites arriving from Russia in 1874. Includes booklet, Rooted deep.
    2. Ohio
      "Archbold, Ohio centennial celebration," 1966. Includes brief histories of local Mennonite churches.
      "What makes Amish and Mennonites tick?" [2015?]. Brochure for the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Centre, Berlin, Ohio.
    3. Pennsylvania
      Postcards depicting Amish and Old Order Mennonite scenes in Pennsylvania. [196-]-[199-]. - ca. 100 postcards; col. - Publishers include Terry Ross Photography (Marietta, PA), Double Heart Country Art (Leola, PA), Mel Horst Photography (Witmer, PA), Garden Spot Gifts (Gettysburg, PA), Dutchcraft (Gettysburg, PA), James E. Hess (Lancaster, PA), Witmer (Witmer, PA), Photo Arts (Lancaster, PA), Stel-Mar (Lancaster, PA). - Received from rych mills, 2017.
      "Weaverland Valley Tour: Reflecting on 300 Years, 1723-2023." Muddy Creek Farm Library, 20 pp.

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