Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss.11.18

Dates of creation: 1939-1945; microfilmed 1992

199 microfilm reels (16 mm)

The EWZ files were created between 1939 and 1945 by the Einwandererzentralstelle (Immigration Center) of the German government. They contain information on approximately 2.9 million ethnic Germans who were processed by the center for immigration and naturalization during the war. These files presumably include data on all of the Mennonites who made their way to Germany in the Fall of 1943, as well as information on their immediate ancestors. While some of the information was collected in Russia, the bulk of it was obtained in German occupied territories after 1943. The reels in this collection have been identified as containing Mennonite content.

These files, representing a small portion of a much larger collection of files from the German Ministry of the Interior, were captured by the U.S. Army near the close of World War II. This collection of files was of extreme importance because it contained the files of the German S.S. The Berlin Document Center was established to process these documents. Later they were all microfilmed by the United States government before being returned to Germany. The U.S. microfilms are housed at the National Archives II complex at College Park, Maryland. More information on the EWZ files is available in an article by Tim Janzen published in the Mennonite Historian and the German Genealogy page.

These files are not yet fully indexed for Mennonite content. The completed indexes for reels are being placed on the Odessa Library web site at Richard Thiessen of Columbia Bible College has been carefully reviewing the indexes and has identified over 58,000 Mennonites on the 199 microfilms purchased thus far, of which probably 10% or so are duplicates. He has placed the data for these Mennonites in an EWZ Mennonite Excel file. An older version of this file is available on the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society web site, Mennonite Genealogy.

Due to coordination by Tim Janzen, a set of these microfilms is located at the following Mennonite archives:

1. Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2. Mennonite Archives of Ontario, Waterloo, Ontario
3. Mennonite Historical Society of B. C., Clearbrook, British Columbia
4. Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas
5. Center for M. B. Studies, Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas
6. Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, North Dakota
7. Center for M. B. Studies, Fresno, California

Tim Janzen's web site which includes Mennonite genealogical resources is:

Reel Numbers held by Mennonite Archives of Ontario


A002-A004 D018  
A023 D024-D027 H014-H015
A026-A028 D032-D034 H021
A046-A048 D038 H023
A075-A078 D042-D046 H042-H046
A088-A089 D051 H049-H050
A096 D072 H061-H063
B006 E005-E009 H074
B011 E021 H083
B014 E030-E031  
B020-B025 E033 I006
B027-B030 E050-E051 I017
B038 E077-E078 I040
B043-B047 E080-E084 I045
B054-B056   I047-I052
B062 F006-F008 I055-I056
B068-B069 F011 I060
B071 F030-F033 I067-I069
B074 F043 I073-I074
B079-B082 F075-F080 I076-I077
B085-B086 F084-F086 I082-I083
C005 G002  
C007 G014-G015 J002
C012-C013 G020-G021 J004
C019-C021 G023-G026 J012-J017
C046 G028-G031 J021-J022
C048-C050 G051 J025
  G054-G055 J027-J028
D003-D005 G058-G059 J036
D012-D013 G067-G070  

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