Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 1.222

Title: Abram Honderich fonds

Dates of creation: 1859, 1898-1961

Physical description: 12 cm of textual material

Biographical sketch: Abram Honderich (17 April 1873-20 March 1961) was the youngest child of eight children born to John Honderich (1825-1907) and Veronica Roth (1828-1916). On 15 Jan 1896 he married Lydia Shantz (1 January 1877-8 May 1948). They had five sons and three daughters.

Abram and Lydia farmed for many years on the Honderich homestead three miles east of New Hamburg. He continued to live on the farm after retirement.

Abram and Lydia were members of the Reformed Mennonite Church. Abram became a probationary minister on 17 May 1936, and an ordained minister on 5 June 1938. Abram's father, John, had also been a Reformed Mennonite minister.

Custodial history: Donated to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario in August 2007 by Cameron Honderich's children. Beaverson and "Alfred and Hattie" letters donated by Dave Honderich in 2014.

Scope and content: The fonds consists of four series: correspondence, sermons and religious documents, property and Fire and Storm Aid documents, genealogy and family history items.

Note: Original description created August 2007 by Sam Steiner and modified by Laureen Harder-Gissing

File list:

Series 1: Correspondence

  Daniel Musser to Abram Groff (24 January 1854)(Typescript copy)
  Johannes Stoltzfus to Christian Honderich (14 March 1859)(Original and translation)
  To Uncle and Aunt from ? (last leaf is missing), 4 March 1898
  E. H. Shenk to Abram Honerich[!], 11 March 1905 
  Jacob S. Lehman to Catharine [Honderich] Richter, 1907?
  J. R. Yost to Mr. & Mrs. A. Honderich, 27 December 1908 
  John Kohr to Veronica Honderich, 28 December 1909 
  Hardin Near to Abraham Honderich, 18 February 1915
  Earl [Honderich] to Parents, 19 September 1918 (from military camp, London, Ont.)
  Earl [Honderich] to Parents, 6 October 1918
  Lillian Rushing to Dear One in Faith, 15 January 1935 (account of her conversion and coming to fellowship with the Reformed Mennonite Church; she and her family became the first African American Reformed Mennonites)
  Children and Grandchildren to Mother and Father, 15 Janaury 1936 (40th anniversary)
  Frank E. Eshelman to Abram Honderich, 3 July 1936 (re: Abram's call to ministry)
  Frank E. Eshelman to Abram Honderich, 19 September 1938 (re: Fire & Storm Aid issue)
  Menno Sauder to Harvey Gampp, 20 October 1938 (Sauder was an Old Order Mennonite wishing to discuss some matters of Mennonite doctrine) 
  Frank E. Eshelman to Abram Honderich, 13 February 1941
  Frank E. Eshelman to Abram Honderich, 4 April 1941
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich & wife, 2 February 1943
  Benjamin F. Metzler to Abram & Lydia Honderich, September 1942 
  Eli B. Near to Abram Honderich, 22 January 1943 (reference to 20 baptisms at Wilmot churches in September 1942; also gives names and address of African-American members in Lucy, Tennessee)
  Arnold Zavitz to Abraham Honderich, 27 August 1944 (re: charming)
  Della Cochran to Brother & Sister in Faith, 8 January 1945 
  Abram Honderich to Fanny Bean, 17 January 1945 (copy)
  Samuel D. Markley to Abram Honderich, 21 January 1946
  Lottie M to Lydia Honderich, 10 March 1946
  Leah M to Abram and Lydia Honderich, 5 May 1946
  Anna Young to Bro. & Sister in Faith, 9 November 1947
  Fanny Roth to Sister & Brother in Faith, 26 February 1948
  Laura, Sarah and Frank to Uncle and Cousins, 13 May 1948 (re: death of Lydia Honderich)
  Robert & Jessie Beehler to Bro. Abram, 17 May 1948
  Earl and Ilva Beaverson to Abram Honderich, 18 May 1948
  Ezra & Lottie Myers to Abram Honderich, 23 May 1948 
  Bro. Alfred and Sis. Hattie to Bro. Abram [194-?]
  Henry Fisher to Abram Honderick, 1 January 1950
  Catherine L. Ryder, 23 January 1950
  John Steiner to Abraham Honderich, 25 February 1950
  Catherine Ryder to Abram Honderich, 26 May 1950 (about mimeographing one of Honderich's sermons)
  Catherine Ryder to Abram Honderich, 8 September 1950
  Anna [Young?] to Ada [Honderich] Heimbecker, 19 November 1950
  Abram Honderich to Paul Erb, 18 January 1951 (photocopy from Archives of the Mennonite Church) [Paul Erb was editor of the Mennonite Church's Gospel Herald; this letter begins a correspondence on doctrinal issues). 
  Paul Erb to Abram Honderich, 26 January 1951 (photocopy from Archives of the Mennonite Church) 
  Abram Honderich to Paul Erb, 31 January 1951 (copy; as well as photocopy of original)
  Paul Erb to Abram Honderich, 15 February 1951 (photocopy from Archives of the Mennonite Church; this closed the exchange) 
  Robert Shisler to Abram Honderich, 24 February 1951
  Catherine Ryder to Ambram Honderich, 12 March 1951
  Lillian G. Geiger to Brother in Faith, 16 July 1951 (re: history written by Honderich)
  Lillian G. Geiger to Brother in Faith, 22 August 1951
  Robert Shisler to Abram Honderich and others, 12 November 1951 (re: funeral service for his daughter of another faith which he attended)
  Anna Young to Bro. Abram, 12 November 1951
  Bill [William] Eshelman to Dear Abram, 15 January 1952
  Anna Young to Bro. in Faith, 15 April 1952
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 2 July 1952
  D. J. Jacobs to Brother in the Faith, September 1952 (when Honderich was in hospital)
  Lillian G. Geiger to Abram Honderich, 12 September 1952
  Wilson and Mildred Green to Bro. in Like Faith, 14 September 1952
  Anna Young to Bro. in Faith, 29 November 1952 
  Edwin F. Stauffer to Abram Honderich, 20 January 1953
  Vernon & Dorothy Beam to Abram Honderich, 29 January 1953
  Milo Yoder to Bro. in the Faith, 7 February 1953
  Ephraim [Roth] to Abram Honderich, 16 February 1953
  Ella Mehaffey to Abram Honderich, 8 March 1953
  Fannie to Uncle Abram, 21 March 1953
  John M. Amstutz to Abram Honderich, 13 October 1953
  J. N. Weckesses[?] to Beloved Bro. in Faith, 20 November 1953
  John Rashley to Abram Honderich, 12 December 1953
  Lillian Rushing to A. Honderick, 12 April 1955
  Anna Young to Bro. Abram, 18 July 1954
  Lillian G. Geiger to Beloved Brother in Faith, 13 November 1954
  Richard E. Huss Printer to Brother in Faith, 12 September 1955
  Omer and Mary Near to Beloved Brother in Faith, 5 January 1956
  Abram Honderich to Menno Sauder, 21 January 1956 (copy)(This is a lengthy response to a letter which has been lost, in which Honderich explains in some detail the Reformed Mennonite view on church unity, church discipline, individual conscience, etc.)
  Anna Young to Bro. Abram, 7 March 1956
  Cam [Honderich] to Dear Dad, 18 April 1956
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderick, 23 April 1956
  Ephraim Roth to Bro. Abram, 1 October 1956
  Ephraim Roth to Bro. Abram, 21 December 1956 
  Omer & Mary Near to Beloved Bro. in Faith, 8 January 1957
  Anna Young to Bro. Abram, 21 January 1957
  Anson Hoover to Dear Fellow Pilgrim, 17 March 1957[?] 
  Ephraim & Catherine [Roth] to Bro. in Faith, 29 April 1957 
  Ephraim [Roth] to Beloved Bro. Abram, 3 June 1957 
  Ephraim [Roth] to Abram, 2 July 1957
  Ephraim & Catharine [Roth] to Bro. in Faith, 18 December 1957
  Anna [Young] to Dear Bro. in Faith, 22 January 1958
  Lillian Geiger to Abram Honderich, 20 January 1958
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 11 March 1958
  Irene [Hofstetter] Mogk to Uncle Abram, 12 March 1958
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 22 April 1958
  Ephraim [Roth] to Bro. Abram, 14 May 1958
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 6 July 1958 (re: death of Perlus' son, Paul, and Abram's role in funeral service] 
  Marian Fisher to Brother Abram, 13 July 1958
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 21 September 1958 
  Edwin Stauffer to Abram Honderich, 6 October 1958
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 19 October 1958
  Edwin and Mary Stauffer to Abram Honderich, 4 December 1958
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 16 December 1958
  Abram Honderich to A. W. Dockstader (copy), 16 December 1958
  A. W. Dockstader to Dear Christian Friend, 29 December 1958 
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 18 January 1959
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 3 February 1959 
  Omer and Mary Near to Beloved Bro. in Faith, 10 February 1959 (re: death of Abram's son, Earl) 
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 11 February 1959 
  Allen & Anita Steele to Brother in Faith, 11 February 1959
  Ada Weber to Dear Brother in Faith, 12 February 1959
  Lydia Hildebrand to the Honderich Family, 14 February 1959
  Ena & Clarence [Hildebrand] to Uncle Abram, February 1959
  Edward & Clara Roth to Dear Brother in Faith, 23 February 1959
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 8 June 1959
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 6 October 1959
  Marian Fisher to Brother in Faith, 14 October 1959
  Lloyd Weaver to Abram Honderich, 22 January 1960 
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 22 February 1960
  Lloyd Weaver to Abram Honderich, 4 March 1960
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 10 March 1960
  A. W. Dockstader to Abraham Honderich, 23 March 1960
  Edwin Stouffer to Bro. Abram, 24 March 1960
  A. W. Dockstader to Abram Honderich, 15 April 1960
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 14 June 1960
  Wm. J. Rupp to Abram Hondrich, 4 July 1960
  Lillian G. Geiger to Dear Brother in Faith, 22 September 1960
  Perlus [Shantz] to Uncle Abram, 3 October 1960 
  Edwin Stouffer to Abram Honderich, 27 November 1960
  Anson Hoover to Dear Friend, 9 January 1961
  Anson Hoover to Dear Friend & Fellow Pilgrim, 25 January 1961 (discusses division in Old Order community)
  Lillian Rushing to Abram Honderich, 8 February 1961
  Edna ? to Beloved Cousins and Sisters in Faith, 18 February 1961
  Fannie ? to Uncle Abram, 14 March 1961

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Series 2: Sermons and religious documents

Printed Sermons
  Memorial Sermon in Memory of Veronica Roth Honderich preached at Hostetler's Mennonite Meeting House Wilmot, on Tuesday, May 9th, 1916 by Jonas Anthes. Humberstone, Ont. (printed booklet) 
   Baptism of Charles Hildebrand by Harvey Gampp, New Hamburg, ON, 21 November 1943
  Wedding of Mervin Cook & Aletha Steiner by Harvey Gampp, North Easthope, 2 December 1945 
  Funeral of Vernonica Siegner by Walter I. Tripp, Kingwood, ON, 13 December 1945 
  Funeral of Eli Jacobs by Harvey Gampp, Wilmot, 31 December 1945
  Sermon on Mark 7, 1-16 by Walter I. Tripp, Stevensville, 20 June 1948
  Baptism service by Harvey Gampp, Wellesley, 20 October 1946
  Funeral of Lydia Honderich by Jacob L. Kreider, Wilmot, 12 May 1948 (Abram's wife)
  Communion service by William J. Rupp, Lancaster, PA, 1 October 1950
  Sermon on John 1:17 by Ezra B. Myers, Lancaster, PA, 27 March 1952
  Sermon on Matthew 27:22 by Edwin F. Stouffer, Lancaster, PA, 15 March 1956
  Funeral of Harvey Gampp by William J. Rupp and Lloyd Weaver, Baden, 14 October 1958

Writings by Abram Honderich
  Funeral of David R. Wilhelm by Abram Honderich, North Easthope, 16 May 1943 (copy) 
  "To My Dear Children and Grandchildren" -- a religious memoir by Abram Honderich on his conversion experience, 2 June 1948, soon after the death of his wife. (copy) 
  "An Outline of Ture and False Religion from the Day of Pentecost to the Present Time," by Abram Honderich, February 1951 (copy) 
  Undated portion of sermon, likely by Abram Honderich, n.d. (typescript of pages 12-25 only.

Miscellaneous Religious Documents
Typescript copy of letter from Daniel Musser to Beloved Sister, 15 September 1855.
  "Explanation" on separation of John W. Miller and David Pollinger from the Reformed Mennonite Church. Approved by Jacob S. Lehman, Elias H. Hershey, John Kohr, John Shearly, Wilmer E. Steele and David Basinger, ca. 1920. 
  "My Experience in Finding the True Way of Salvation" by C. S. Nauman, March 1934 
  Small pocket notebook of Abram Honderich's. In addition to listing prices of produce, geese, etc., it includes notes from four ministry meetings 1956-1958 relating to Fire & Storm Aid issues, assisting an elderly member, and resolving a property issue. 
    Meeting schedule for regular meetings of the Reformed Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania, 1959

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Series 3: Legal / Fire & Storm Aid Fund Documents

Agreement between Christian Honderich and his son, John Honderich re: Lot 16 north of Bleams Road, 2 July 1852 (typescript copy)
  Last will and testament for John F. Harnish, Arkona, Ontario, 30 July 1919 (The Reformed Mennonite Church served as trustee when John Harnish died in Pennsylvania)
  Financial records related to John Harnish estate, 1928-1945
  "Local tax" list for Wellesley, 1938 (Fire & Storm Tax)
  Statements for Fire and Storm Aid Fund of Reformed Mennonite Church, 1951, 1957, 1959

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Series 4: Genealogy and Family history

  Obituaries & Funeral Home Remembrance books for Lydia Honderich and Abram Honderich, 1948, 1916 
  "A Registration of the Honderichs as far as I can trace them" by Abram Honderich, ca. 1960 (handwritten notes and typescript)
  Misc. unsigned historical reflections on Christian Honderich family, 1960s? 
  "The Honderichs" by Elwy Yost (Elwy Yost was a television host and Honderich descendant; this is a poem he wrote for a Honderich Family Reunion)
  The Descendants of Christian Honderich (1788-1868) and Margaret Gingerich (1798-1862), prepared for 1991 family reunion 
  Correspondence of Beland Honderich with German researches on the Gingerich family, 1991


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