Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 1.106 (s.c.)

Title: Daniel Hoch fonds

Dates of creation: 1834-1870s, [198-]

Physical description: 1 cm of textual records

Biographical sketch: Daniel Hoch (Aug. 24, 1805-Aug. 13, 1878) was the son of Daniel Hoch and Katharine Bechtel. His father died in 1818. Daniel Hoch married Margaret Kratz (Feb. 23, 1808-Apr. 13, 1875). He was ordained as a minister in the Mennonite Church in 1831. He helped to lead a division from the Mennonite Church in 1848. For a time he affiliated with Jacob Oberholtzer's group in Pennsylvania, and was ordained as Bishop by Oberholtzer in 1851. After 1868 Hoch withdrew from the General Conference and became associated with the "New Mennonites" which later helped to form the Mennonite Brethren in Christ (later Evangelical Missionary Church).

Custodial history: The originals of the correspondence were in the possession of Isaac High in the 1980s; the translations were commissioned by the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario

Scope and content: The fonds consists primarily of translations of correspondence to and from Daniel Hoch. A few items that make reference to Hoch are also included. The translations are by Isaac R. Horst, Mount Forest, Ontario and by Henry H. Epp, Kelowna B.C.

Notes: For more information see the article on Hoch in the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.
Original description created by Sam Steiner.

File list:

  1. Daniel Hoch to Christian Gross, October 28, 1838 (translation of original in Christian Gross collection, Archives of the Mennonite Church)
  2. Daniel Hoch to Christian Gross,  April 27, 1834 (translation of original in Christian Gross collection, Archives of the Mennonite Church)
  3. "Brief church rules of the Mennonites or Nonresistant Christian in Canada" compiled by one of the committee commissioned by the church (Daniel Hoch), 1850 (translation of original.)
  4. "Main theme of a service delivered 5 June 1855, in Clinton, Canada West, by Preacher Lehman, York County, Pa., Interpreted by Daniel Hoch, which he added after introduction and application" Printed 1855 (translation of original)
  5. Translated segment from Leben und Wirken von August Rauschenbusch. The translated portion makes reference to Mennonites in Canada, and explicitly to Daniel Hoch.
  6. Personalien der Familie von Daniel Hoch (plus translation of photocopied original printed after 1851)
  7. "He who hates his brother" [poem], n.d.
  8. "The binding and loosing key in the heart" [poem], n.d.
  9. "Those who fear the frost, upon them the snow will fall" [poem], n.d.
  10. David Gehman to Daniel Hoch, July 29, 1860 (annotated translation of original)
  11. Christian Schowalter to the president of the Mennonites, Daniel Hoch, Feb. 9, 1863 (translation of original)
  12. A. Schmitt to Br. D. Hoch, Jan. 7, 1861 (annotated translation of original)
  13. Andreas Schmitt to Daniel Hoch, 1861 (annotated translation of original)
  14. J.H. Oberholtzer to Dear Brother, Mar. 2, 1856 (annotated translation of original)
  15. William N. and Anna Schelly to Daniel and Markata Heigh, Oct. 12, 1857 (annotated translation of original)
  16. Martin Muller to D. Hoch, Feb. 26, 1858 (annotated translation of original)
  17. Henry Boedecker to D. Hoch, Apr. 27, 1864 (translation of original)
  18. Samuel B. Bauman to Daniel Hoch, April 14, 1856 (annotated translation of original)
  19. Benjamin Schlichter to Daniel Hoch, Dec. 4, 1857 (annotated translation of original)
  20. Samuel B. Bauman to Daniel Hoch, Dec. 5, 1857 (annotated translation of original)
  21. Samuel B. Bauman to Daniel Hoch, Mr. 25, 1861 (annotated translation of original)
  22. Andreas Schmitt to brother Hoch, Sept. 21, 1859 (annotated translation of original)
  23. Jones Schultz to Daniel Hoch, Oct. 30, 1861 (translation of original)
  24. Jakop Leisey to Daniel Hoch, Mar. 30, 1863 (translation of original)
  25. Henry G. Schantz to D. Hoch, Mar. 30, 1864 (translation of original)
  26. Eusebius Herschy to Brother and Sister Zog, Feb. 15, 1870 (translation of original)
  27. K.A. Fleischmann to Dear Bro., Sept. 21 (translation of original)
  28. From [Anna High Kinzie] to Daniel High, Aug. 23, 1869 (Anna was Daniel's daughter)(translation of original)
  29. A. Eby to Daniel Hoch, June 16, 1871 (translation of original)
  30. A.B. Shelly to Bro. Hoch, Jan. 16, 1872 (translation of original)
  31. John High to Daniel High, 1872 (photocopy of original)
  32. "Jordan stream" by John High (Photocopy of printed sheet published in 1872)
  33. A. Eby to Dear Friend Hoch, Nov. 26, 1872 (translation of original)
  34. A. Eby to Dear Hoch, Feb. 20, 1873 (translation of original)
  35. Levi O. Schimmel to Dear Bro. D. Hoch, June 9, 1873 (translation of original)
  36. "Wichtige Begebenheiten auf gewisse Zeiten, ... " by Daniel Hoch, published 1868 (original)


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