Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 1.182

Title: Howard Good fonds

Dates of creation: 1945-1996

Physical description: 80 cm. of textual material; seven reel-to-reel recordings; five photographs

Biographical sketch: Howard Llewellyn Good (20 May 1925-25 December 1996) was a member of the Rockway Mennonite Church. He married Pauline (Polly) Virginia Cline on 26 June 1948 and had three sons and one daughter (Terry Eugene, Patricia Ann, Howard Douglas, and Edgar Reginald).

Good was a high school teacher and guidance counselor (Rockway Mennonite School (1947-1957) and Eastwood Collegiate in Kitchener, Ont.), an ordained Mennonite minister (Hagey Mennonite Church (1947-1953), Preston Mennonite Church (1953-1961), Rockway Mennonite Church (1961-1966)), a real estate salesman and an investment counselor.

Howard Good was one of the first pastors in the Mennonite Conference of Ontario who graduated from Goshen Biblical Seminary and consequently had more Mennonite theological training than most of his peers. He served as both pastor and teacher through the mid-1950s after which he remained in pastoral ministry until the mid 1960s. His files reflect the theology espoused in the Mennonite Church in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Custodial history: The collection was donated by Polly Good in May 1997.

Scope and context: The fonds includes subject files used as reference materials for sermons, sermons, correspondence and several books. Collections of bulletins and church council minutes gathered in his role as congregational pastor as located with the congregation's collection.

Notes: The collection is arranged in five series: Business and legal papers, correspondence, sermons, sermon subject files, memorabilia (including college papers and notes and exams from years of high school teaching).

Several photographs have been transferred to the photo collection.

Seven reel-to-reel tapes have been transferred to the sound recording collection.

The original archival description created in 1998 by Sam Steiner.

File list:

Series 1: Business and legal papers

  1. Church membership certificate (Dec. 12, 1937); High school entrance certificate (1938); Certificate of ordination (Oct. 24, 1948); Certificate of registration to perform marriages (Oct. 20, 1949); Temporary secondary school certificate (Aug. 31, 1961)
  2. Marriage register, 1962-1996

Series 2: Correspondence

  1. Correspondence re: accepting positions at Rockway Mennonite School and Hagey Mennonite Church, 1947.
  2. Correspondence from family and friends while at Goshen College, 1943-1944
  3. Correspondence from family and friends while at Goshen College, 1944-1945

Series 3: Sermons (mostly organized by theme from book in the Bible)

  1. Talks
  2. Early sermons
  3. Early sermons
  4. Sermons for homiletics class, 1946
  5. Radio sermons, 1949
  6. Radio sermons, 1959
  7. Matthew
  8. Mark
  9. Luke
  10. John
  11. Acts
  12. Romans
  13. Devotional covering & prayer veiling
  14. I Corinthians
  15. II Corinthians
  16. Galatians
  17. Ephesians
  18. Philippians
  19. Colossians
  20. I Thessalonians
  21. II Thessalonians (empty)
  22. Philemon
  23. Hebrews
  24. James
  25. I Timothy
  26. II Timothy
  27. Titus
  28. I Peter
  29. II Peter
  30. I John
  31. II John (empty)
  32. III John
  33. Revelation
  34. Genesis
  35. Exodus
  36. Leviticus
  37. Numbers
  38. Deuteronomy
  39. Joshua
  40. Judges
  41. I Samuel
  42. II Samuel
  43. I Kings
  44. II Kings
  45. I Chronicles
  46. II Chronicles
  47. Nehemiah
  48. Job
  49. Psalms

49a. Proverbs

  1.     Ecclesiastes
  2.     Song of Solomon
  3.     Isaiah
  4.     Jeremiah
  5.     Ezekiel
  6.     Daniel
  7.     Hosea
  8.     Amos
  9.     Obadiah
  10.     Jonah
  11.     Misc. sermons (including funeral sermons)
  12.     Prayers
  13.     Conrad Grebel (church history)
  14.     Rockway chapel talks
  15.     Weddings

Series 4: Sermon subject files

​​(Files for Old Testament books were discarded unless they contained original material by Howard Good; the content of those files was similar to the New Testament files and included primarily copies of radio sermons from "The Lutheran Hour," the "Back to God Hour" (Christian Reformed) and the "Mennonite Hour."

  1.     Matthew
  2.     Mark
  3.     Luke
  4.     John
  5.     Acts
  6.     Romans
  7.     I Corinthians
  8.     II Corinthians
  9.     Galatians
  10.     Ephesians
  11.     Philippians
  12.     Colossians
  13.     I Thessalonians
  14.     II Thessalonians (empty)
  15.     I Timothy
  16.     II Timothy
  17.     Titus
  18.     Philemon
  19.     Hebrews
  20.     James
  21.     I Peter
  22.     II Peter
  23.     I John
  24.     II John (empty)
  25.     III John (empty)
  26.     Jude (empty)
  27.     Revelation
  28.     Jeremiah
  29.     Daniel
  30.     Amos
  31.     Archaeology
  32.     Dedication of children
  33.     Family trends
  34.     Funerals
  35.     Home
  36.     Humour
  37.     Non-Resistance
  38.     TV

Series 5: Memorabilia      

  1.     Exams from Religious Studies courses at Rockway Mennonite School, 1950s
  2.     Hebrew class notes, 1947
  3.     Misc. papers from student days at Goshen College, 1944-1947
  4.     Evangelism course notes, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Summer, 1957
  5.     Draft of M.Th. thesis on aging, University of Toronto, 1960s
  6.     Misc. clippings and programs, some relating to fire and rebuilding of Hagey Mennonite Church and Preston Mennonite Church, 1950-1961
  7.     Sermon notes related to Bishop Benjamin Shantz, 1957, 1964
  8.     Newsclipping re: 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Good, 1938
  9.     Harry Emerson Fosdick, Putting Christ into uniform (New York, 1939)
  10.     The Bible when you want it (New York : Association Press, 1944 printing)
  11.     The Book of Common Prayer and administration of the sacraments ... according to the use of the Church of England in the Dominion of Canada (England, n.d.)
  12.     The minister's manual (Newton, Kan. : General Conference of the Mennonite Church of North America, 1950)
  1.     The Cokesbury marriage manual, (Nashville : Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1945)
  2.     Robert Polk, Ralph Gremmel : a true story of the days of the Scottish Covernanters (Kilmarnock, Scotland : John Ritchie, n.d.)(Received by Howard Good from the St. Jacobs Mennonite Church Sunday school)
  3.     The New Testament (Oxford : University Press)
  4.     Ernest Fremont Tittle, A book of pastoral prayers (New York : Abingdon-Cokesbury, 1946) /p>


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