Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 1.58

Title: Newton L. Gingrich fonds

Dates of creation: 1949-1979

Physical description: 3.5 m of textual materials

Biographical sketch: Newton Laverne Gingrich (Oct. 13, 1925-Aug. 1, 1979) was born in Saskatchewan, the son of Ozias and Naomi Gingrich. He married Mary Sommers; they had four children.

Newton Gingrich was an active leader in Mennonite institutional and conference work until the time of his death. He pastored congregations in the Mennonite Conference of Ontario (Bethel and Wideman) and the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference (East Zorra). He served on numerous committees in both conferences. He taught and was principal at the Ontario Mennonite Bible School and Institute (1958-59), and wrote the history of that institution (Mission completed).

Gingrich was moderator of the Mennonite Church (MC) from 1973-75, and was chair of the local arrangements committee for Assembly '79 at the time of his death. He was Executive Secretary of Region I of the Mennonite Church (Canada). He was associated with Mennonite Central Committee (Canada) almost from its inception, and chaired it from 1972-78. He was also chairman of Mennonite Central Committee (Akron) from 1978 until his death.

Gingrich was a prime mover in promotion of inter-Mennonite cooperation in Ontario, and was instrumental in the development of the Inter-Mennonite Conference of Ontario. Internationally he served on World Conference committees.

Custodial history: Donated to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario by Mary Gingrich ca. 1980.

Scope and content: The files of Newton Gingrich reflect his active participation in the life of the church, and his wide-ranging personal interests. Two sets of files were kept, one for current activity and one that reflected past work. The former filled one four-drawer filing cabinet; the latter filled two four-drawer filing cabinets. Much of Gingrich's committee work and collection of minutes has been filed with the group that generated the material, the remainder has been retained in his personal collection.


See obituaries in Mennonite Reporter, Vol. 9, No. 16 (August 6, 1979) Gospel Herald, 72 (August 14, 1979)Mennonite Weekly Review, 57 (August 16, 1979). See also the entry in the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online for Newton Gingrich.

The files are listed below in the order they appeared in the filing cabinets, with the "current" material comprising the second alphabetical sequence beginning with file #130. Sermon notes are placed at the end.

Some files were removed before processing by the family, including some dealing with personal business and items desired as keepsakes by members of the family. Folders representing Gingrich's church work remain essentially intact.

Not all the notes from Ontario Mennonite Bible School in the late 1940s are Newton Gingrich's; many are those of Mary Sommers Gingrich. They can usually be identified by their distinct handwriting.

Original archival description created in the 1980s by Sam Steiner.

File list:

Box 1

Series 1: Correspondence

1. Correspondence, 1962-1973, 1975-1976

Box 2-7

Series 2: Files

1."Asia"- Maps especially of Southeast Asia and Russia Retained by family
2."Advisory Committee on Church Buildings" - in Mennonite Conf. of Ontario files
3. "Alaska" - Maps, descriptive material Retained by family
4. "Alberta" - Road map; Edmonton map Retained by family
5. "Agriculture" - Both informational and land stewardship concerns (1951-1979)
6. "Australia" - Map; page on wildlife Retained by family
7. "Astronomy" - Star, solar system, moon landing maps (1970-1973)
8. "Animal husbandry" - clippings on wildlife (1944- "Architecture" - clippings from magazine articles on room design (1967)
10. "Arts, Fine" - Includes two papers by Gingrich on art appreciation (1950); also clippings Papers microfilmed, originals with family
11. "Africa" - Maps, Journal of a trip to Africa (n.d.) and a paper by Paul M. Miller Microfilmed, originals with family
12. "Atlantic" - Maps of ocean Retained by family
13. "Arkansas" - Publicity booklet Retained by family
14. "Assembly arrangements" - Minutes, 1971-1974; copy of Mennonite Church By-laws in Mennonite Church files
15. "British Columbia" - Roadmaps; city of Victoria map; packet of pictures and postcards (1956-1966) Not retained
16. "Biology" - Clippings from Youth Christian Companion re: wildlife and plantlife; especially articles by Larry Kopp (1958-1959)
17. "Biography" - Diary of a trip to Europe (n.d.); "Life of David Livingstone" by Mary Sommers (1948); Report of Tour No. 769 (n.d.); clippings, tracts, summary of lives of famous secular and religious people.
18. "Britain" Not retained
19. "Colorado" - Roadmap Not retained
20. "Canada" - Topographical map of Markham, Ont. area; map of South America[!!]; 3 national maps of Canada; several publicity pieces Not retained
21. "Child psychology" - Handwritten notes by both Newton and Mary Gingrich (ca.1950)
22. "Conference of Historic Peace Churches" - Annual minutes (1950-1963) Filed with Conference of Historic Peace Churches
23. "California" - Maps; Map of Reedley; Map of Australia [!!] Not retained
24. "Comparative religion" -Ontario Mennonite Bible School notes; clippings; notes on modern heresies (n.d.)
25. "China" - Map, booklets & pictorial works on country; MCC releases (1944-1979)
26. "Church Welfare Committee" - Consultation on Brotherhood Concerns, programs, presented paper & personal notes (1970-1971)
27. "Crafts" - Booklets, clippings, examples of various projects (n.d.)
28. "Canadian Mennonite" - Minutes, annual reports (1964-1971) Filed with Canadian Mennonite Association
29. "Conrad Grebel College" - Papers and reports by Conrad Grebel personnel (1959-1973) Filed with Conrad Grebel College
30. "Church" - Congregation self-evaluation study forms; clippings, tracts on subject of church; Ontario Mennonite Bible School doctrine notes (1948); paper by Paul Miller on Mennonites & ecumenical concerns Retained by family
31. "Church history" - Primarily Ontario Mennonite Bible School notes; some clippings and historical bulletins
32. "Coalition for Development" - Minutes, some papers (1970-1972)
33. "Geography, Biblical" - Maps, diagrams of biblical historical geography
34. "Government" - Pamphlet, clipping on House of Commons
35. "General science" - Clipping; sheet on pros and cons of lightning rods; notes from Owen Gingerich lecture on science & religion (ca. 1970)
36. "Geography" - Pamphlets on various natural cavrens; 1000 Islands; etc.
37. "Greece" - Map of Athens; tourist pamphlet Not retained
38. "General Council" - Mennonite Church General Council Minutes, 1961-1971 In Mennonite Church files
39. "General Board" - Mennonite Church General Board minutes, 1971-1977 In Mennonite Church files
40. "Draft resisters" - Pamphlets, clippings, MCC releases (1967-1973)
41. "Doctrine" - Papers, tracts, handwritten notes Important
42. "Diplomas" - For both Mary Sommers and Newton Gingrich - for O.M.B.S., Vacation Bible School, etc. (1933-1947)
43. "Days" - Clippings, poems, tracts re: various holidays (Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years)
44. "Evangelism" - Canadian Congress on Evangelism papers (1970) with a written evaluation by Gingrich; Ralph Palmer material; child evangelism material; instruction notes for Billy Graham counsellors; Mennonite Consultation on Evangelism papers (1972); Lusanne Congress on World Evangelism papers (1974); Key '73 minutes; misc. other papers
45. "Ethics" --Ontario Mennonite Bible School notes; clippings
46. "Earth and outer space" - Map of moon
47. "Europe" - National Geographic maps of various countries Not retained
48. "Educational Cabinet" - Mennonite Conference of Ontario Educational Cabinet minutes (1956-1965) In MCO files
49. "False cults" - Notes on cults & "isms"; pamphlets on Christian Science; paper on communism
50, "Fiction for adults" - short stories from Christian Monitor & Words of Cheer (early 1950s)
51. "Fiction for children" - Clippings from Beams of Light, etc. (late 1940s early 1950s); collections of mimeographed stories
52. "Food crisis" - World Food Conference (1974); various papers and editorials on food questions
53. "Florida" - Maps, etc. Not retained
54. "Family" - Notes on parent-teen course (1973); tracts; notes on vital family worship; report on study conference on home interests (n.d.); notes on methods of discipline; notes on mission of the home; notes on Family under pressure; paper by Gingrich on sex education at Eastern Mennonite College (1950); notes for a course on the family, etc. Filmed.
55. "Fairview Home" - Constitution; Board of management minutes (1961-1969) In Mennonite Conf. of Ontario collection
56. "Facilities Study & Study Commission" - Mennonite Church Facilities Study & Study Commission on Church Organization, correspondence, reports, working papers (1963-1974) In Mennonite Church & Mennonite Board of Missions files
57. "Housing" - Brief on housing and urban development by United Church; Mennonite Conference of Ontario consultation on housing, minutes (1968)
58. "Homiletics and public speaking" - Ontario Mennonite Bible School notes
59. "History (General)" - Clippings, pamphlets (1950-1976)
60. "Home finances" - Ledger pages (1970-1972)
61. "Health & religion" - Notes on spiritual healing
62. "Health & Welfare" - Mennonite Board of Missions, Health & Welfare minutes
1964-1976 In Mennonite Board of Missions collection
63. "House of Friendship (Montreal)" - Administrative Committee minutes, correspondence, papers 1975-76 In Mennonite Conference of Ontario files
64. "Hawaii" - Pamphlet Not retained
65. "Indiana" - empty file
66. "Industries" -Brochure on history of paper making
67. "India" Pamphlet on India (1946); maps, clippings
68. "Israel" Tracts, pamphlets, manual on Hanukah (1950), etc.
69. "1-W Council" - Minutes, 1962-1970 In Mennonite Board of Missions files
70. "Indonesia" - Article by Wilbert Shenk
71. "Illinois" - Map not retained
72. "Japan" Map, clipping not retained
73. "Kansas" Map not retained
74. "Kitchener-Waterloo Map" - Map not retained
75. "Latin America" - Maps, clippings
76. "Lebanon" - Map
77. "Land reform" - clipping on Dachau; policy statement on farm land in Ontario, etc.
78. "L & E - Mission and evangelism" --Papers & reports; some writing by Gingrich (ca. 1965-1978)
79. "L & E - Miscellaneous" - Introductory comments as new Ontario Conference moderator (1962); clippings on litigation; misc. youth talks; Middle East tour materials (1969); O.M.B.S. papers on various subjects (1948-1950), including some by Mary Sommers; Reformation Sunday sermon (1967); misc. other items (1948-1978)
80. "L & E - Doctrine" - Many papers and speeches, some by Gingrich, on a variety of doctrinal topics (ca. 1948-1978)
81. "L & E - Church" - Many articles and papers by Gingrich and others on the theme of church, especially the Mennonite church (ca.1965-1978)
82. "L & E - Christian experience" - Papers, notes by Gingrich and others on aspects of the Christian life (19501978)
83. "MCC (Canada) Minutes" - 1964-78 (45 cm.) - in MCC (Canada) files
84. "MCC (Canada) Correspondence" - (1966-1978) In MCC (Canada) files
85. "MCC (Akron) Minutes" - (1961-1978) (65 cm . ) In MCC (Akron) files
86. "Mennonite Board of Education" - Minutes, 1971-1975 In MBE files
87. "Montreal House of Friendship" - Correspondence, 1971-79
88. "Mennonite Conference of Ontario" - Executive minutes (1955-70) In Mennonite Conference of Ontario files
89. "Mennonite Broadcasts" - Minutes, 1962-1972 In Mennonite Broadcasts files
90. "Mennonite Commission for Christian Education" Minutes, 1960-1967 In Mennonite Church collection
91. "Institute. Methods of Bible Study" - Lecture notes from Ontario Mennonite Bible School and Institute; some as student, some as teacher 1949-1970
92. "Medicine" - Clippings, articles on health & health care; notes on depression; notes on sex; misc. pamphlets on various diseases (1951-ca. 1975)
93. "Missions" - Many clippings from Mennonite church papers; lecture notes on evangelism and missions from teaching at Ontario Mennonite Bible School; papers on various missions topics by primarily Mennonite writers (1951-ca.1975)
94. "Mennonite history" - Notes, clippings and articles on Mennonite history; some water-destroyed items, mostly Mennonite Historical Bulletins from the early 1950s have been removed.
95. "Mennonite Publishing House" - Annual reports, 1961-1965 In library
96. "Middle-East" - Papers, maps, pamphlets, notes - most a result of a tour of MCC Peace Section to the Middle East in 1969.
97. "Nominating Committee" - Mennonite Church General Assembly Nominating Committee minutes, 1972-76; also guidelines for the committee In Mennonite Church files
98. "Mennonite Mission Board (Ont.) - Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Executive Committee minutes, 1954-1970 In MMBO files
99. "Nithview & Milverton' - Tri-County Mennonite Homes minutes, 1967-76; expansion plans for Nithview; Publicity material, financial reports. In Western Ontario Conference Nursing Homes files
100. "Native people" - Reports, papers (1973-1979)
101. "Occupations" - Descriptions of a variety of jobs, from the holdings of the Ontario Mennonite Bible Institute, (ca.1955)
102. "O.M.B.S.& I." - Ontario Mennonite Bible School & Institute faculty and board minutes (1955-1966) In O.M.B.S. files
103. "Overseas Mission Committee" - Mennonite Board of Missions, Overseas Missions
Committee minutes (1963-1972) Mennonite Board of Missions files
104. "Pacifism" - Papers, tracts, pamphlets, a few notes on Christian pacifism (1953-1977) The following items were removed for placement in the library: Amnesty: a Peace Church concern/Mennonite Church General Assembly, 1973; The Christian and peace / lectures by Walter Klaassen, 1968; Capital punishment : a statement prepared for discussion ... by Mennonite General Conference, 1963; What is the price for peace / Bernie Wiebe, 1967; A report ... to MCC Peace Section on ... consideration of a Mennonite office in the nation's capitol / Dwight King, 1966; On taking part in a revolution / Frank H. Epp, 1968; The Committee on Peace and Social Concerns (of the Mennonite Church) and its predecessors Guy F. Hershberger, 1966.
105. "War taxes" --Copies of MCC correspondence, A.J. Muste war tax brief, other materials (1960-1975)
106. "Psychology" - Lecture and exam notes (cable); clippings, etc. (1950-1970)
107. "Pastoral theology" - Notes, papers, clippings on pastoral work and vocation
108. "Personnel Committee" - Mennonite Conference of Ontario Ministerial and Personnel Committee minutes, 1961-1971 MCO files
109. "Prayer" - Clippings, tracts on prayer; some notes (n.d.)
110. "personal correspondence" - Personal correspondence, 1977-1979
111. : "Parkview Home" - Minutes, financial reports (1963-1978) In Parkview Home files
112. "Peace Section MCC" - MCC (Akron) Peace Section Executive minutes, 1966-78; Various papers & releases In MCC Peace Section files
113. "Peace Section - USA" - MCC (Akron) Peace Section (U.S.) Executive Committee minutes, 1977-78 in MCC (U.S.) files
114. "Peace & Social Concerns Committee" -.MCC(Canada) & MCC (Ontario) Peace and Social Concern Committee minutes (1968-1977) IN MCC files
115. "Royal Bank Letter" - Royal Bank of Canada Monthly letter, 1964-1979 Not retained
116. "Rockway High School" - Rockway Mennonite High School Board minutes, 1967-70; various constitutions & development proposals In Rockway School collection
117. "Retardation" - Various pamphlets and brochures on mental retardation Not retained
118. "Revival" - Clippings, pamphlets on revival, particularly the Brunk Brothers revival (1952-1957)
119. "Race relations" - Clippings (n.d.)
120. "Retirement" Notes from 1964 Sunday-school convention on theme of retirement
121. "Sociology" Clippings; notes for a talk on "Caring for the needy" (n.d.)
122. "Systematic theology" - Ontario Mennonite Bible School lecture notes; exams from 1969
123. "Special Committees" -Minutes from MCC (Ont.) Peace, Social and Economic Concerns Committee (19621964); London Psychiatric Hospital "Programme" Committee (n.d.); Mennonite Conf. of Ontario Welfare Committee (1961-1967); Committee for Christian Communications (1965-1966); Church and Mission News Revision Committee (1956); Meeting of Ontario & Western Ontario Mennonite Delegates to Mennonite General Conference (1967); Outline re: proposed Ontario Mennonite Automobile Aid (n.d.): Israel Evangelism Committee (1963); Spiritual Life and Outreach Committee (1961-1963); M.Y.F. Convention committee (1964)
124. "Stewardship" - Papers; tracts, promotional material on stewardship; some notes for talks by Gingrich (1950(ca.)-1978))
125. "Sin & sinners & Satan" -.Clippings, tracts on various sins (tobacco, alcohol, movies; gossip, gambling, etc.)
126. "Vietnam" - Papers on the Vietnamese conflict. The following items were removed for placement in the library? "A brief history of Vietnam"/ by Frank H. Epp; "An evaluation of a generation of Mennonite mission, service, and peacemaking in Vietnam, 1954-1976"; "Vietnam : a resource collection of statements, clippings and other documents" prepared my MCC Peace Section.
127. "Wideman Church" - Annual reports, 1961-1965 Filed with congregation
128. "W.O.M.C." - Western Ontario Mennonite Conference Executive minutes (1970-1976)
and some annual minutes Filed with Conference materials
129. "Young Adult Centre" - Stratford youth hostel materials, including Executive minutes , correspondence; insurance policy (1973-75)

The following records were in the "current" file cabinet

130. "Alcohol & drug concerns" - Reports, clippings, some notes on alcohol and a variety of other drugs; many pamphlets by Addiction Research Foundation (ca.1950-1976)
131. "Amalgamation Come'' - Inter-Mennonite Executive Council Amalgamation Committee minutes, study papers and reports (1978-79) Inter-Mennonite Conference Collection
132. "MCC Aging Ministries" - MCC releases on ministry to the aging (1978-1979)
133. "Amos" - Notes on Amos, including a long poem by Peter Ediger (ca. 1950-1979)
134. "Audio-Visual service" -.Audio-Visual Library minutes and correspondence,
1978-1979. In I-5/3 "Old Mennonite Church" files 
135. "Abortion" - Pamphlets, etc., mostly from Right-to-Life perspective, 1972-75
135. "Acts" - Lecture notes on the book of Acts (1960-1975)
136. "Boy's Club" - Torchbearer club constitution; brochure on East Zorra club; photograph of a club (n.d.)
137. "Biblical literature" - Lecture notes (n.d.)
138. "Bibliography" - Various book lists
139. "Bible General" - Clippings, notes on the Bible; Printed charts not retained
140. "Believer's Church Conference" - Minutes, papers, information on participants in Conference held in Winnipeg in 1979 (1978-1979)
141. "Bible Society" - Brochures, descriptive material on the Canadian Bible Society Not retained
142. "Coordinating Council" - Mennonite Church Coordinating Council minutes, 1976-1979 In Mennonite Church files
143. "Christology" - Extensive lecture notes, tracts, papers (ca.1960-1975)
144. "Christian education" - Extensive lecture notes, papers (ca.1950-1978)
145. "Christian life & Salvation" - Many tracts, extensive lecture notes (1950-1978)
146. "Church & State" - large number of papers, a few notes The f llowing have been removed for placement in the library: Conference on nonresistance and political responsibility, 1956; Citizens and disciples / MCC Peace Section, 1974; Consultation on Church/ State issues, 1970; Christian obedience on Revolutionary times by Richard MacMaster; A Mennonite response, 1776-1976; Bicentennial studies for the church; Christians take no part in worldly government.
147. "Christian Farmers Federation" - Introductory material Not retained
148. "Christian Nurture Committee" Western Ontario Mennonite Conference Christian Nurture Committee minutes, 1968-1979 In W.O.M.C. files
149. "II Corinthians" - Notes (n.d.)
150. "Colossians" - Notes (n.d.)
151. "I Corinthians" - Notes on whole book; papers on I Corinthians 11 (prayer veil).
152. "I Chronicles" - Notes (n.d.)
153. "11 Chronicles" - empty folder
154. "Choice Books" - Minutes, 1975-78 - In Region I files
155. "Conrad Grebel College" - Board minutes, 1960-61,1975-1979; Long range planning report; Arnold Gingrich memorial fund material; Copy of CGC agreement with university; minutes of meeting with Mennonite
Conference of Ontario on fundraising. IN CGC files
156. "Camping Association" -Papers on camping; publicity material on various Mennonite camps; some Mennonite Camping Association minutes 11952-1967)
157. "Canadian Council of Churches" - Council By-laws; papers and documents from various sessions of the Council (1966-1979)
158. "Council of International Ministries" - Minutes, 1975-78 In Council files
159. "C.O.R.E. Committee on Retreat Experiences" - Minutes and releases, 1972-74 In CORE files
160. "Council of Faith, Life and Strategy" - Mennonite Church Council of Faith, Life and Strategy minutes, 1972-1978 IN Mennonite Church files
161. "Credit Union" - List of member representatives in churches (n.d.); several brochures, list of representative duties (n.d)
162. "Canadian Mennonite Health Assembly" - Canadian Mennonite Homes and Hospitals minutes, 1966-1971; sample document refusing use of extraordinary measures to prolong life (n.d.). Note: File transferred to XV-49 Canadian Mennonite Health Assembly
163. "Drama" - Collection of short plays in mimeograph form (ca.1970)
164. "Daniel" - Notes on the book of Daniel (n.d.)
165. "Deuteronomy" Notes (n.d.)
166. "Discipleship" Lecture notes, exam (1966)
167. "Death" - Notes on death; March, 1977 issue of Forum removed
168. "Eastern Mennonite College" - School song; two alumni association brochures
169. "East-West Consultation, Nov. 27 1978" - Materials and papers for that
conference In Conference collection (XV-46)
170. "Evangelical Fellowship of Canada" - Min tes, mailings lists, constitution (1973-1979)
171. "Equipment papers" - Pamphlets on various household tools and appliances
172. "Education concerns" - Various papers, briefs, etc. in support of parochial schools Periodicals withdrawn from file
173. "Exodus" - Lecture notes
174. "Ephesians" - Lecture notes, 1958-1971
175. "Eschatology" - Clippings, tracts, 1946-ca.1954
176. "Ezekiel" - Lecture notes
177. "Ecclesiastes" - Lecture notes
178. "Esther" - Lecture notes
179. "Ezra" - Lecture notes
180. "Fraser Camp" - Fraser Lake Camp minutes (1963-1979); publicity material In Fraser Lake Camp files
181. "Fundamentalism" - Lecture notes
182. "Faith & Life Committee" Conference of Ontario Faith & LIfe Committee minutes; some joint W.O.M. & M.C.O. minutes In Mennonite Conf. of Ontario files
183. "Fairview M. Home" - Publicity; one set of minutes Not retained
184. "Galatians" - Lecture notes
185. "Gospels" - Charts, lecture notes
186. "Genesis" --LeCture notes, some by Mary Sommers (ca.1950)
187. "God" - Clippings, tracts (1950s)
188. "Goshen College" - Publicity material In Goshen College files
189. "General Board" - Mennonite Church General Board minutes, 1977-79 In Mennonite Church files
190. "House fellowships" - Papers, materials for retreat on small congregations, 1971-1975
191. "Health & Welfare" - Mennonite Board of Missions Health & Welfare Committee minutes, 1977-79 In Committee files
192. "Home missions" - Mennonite Board of Missions Home Missions Committee minutes, 1971-1978 In Committee files
193. "Home Help" - Tavistock and area project to aid senior citizens (Young Canada Works Program" , 1979
194. "Home for Retarded Children" - Correspondence, minutes, grant applications, project proposals, etc. tc. for group home known as Aldaview under auspices Tri-County Mennonite Homes (1977-1979) In Tri-County files
195. "Hidden Acres Camp" - Minutes, annual reports, correspondence, sample forms and publicity materials (19741979) In WOM Camp files
196. "Holy Spirit" - clippings, notes, papers, tracts (l953-1975); removed for library: Manifestations of the Spirit of God or Charismatic Movement by Clarence Bauman
197. "Hebrews" - Notes
198. "Haggai" - Notes
199. "Habakkuk" - Notes
200. "Hosea" - Notes (1946- Includes note that he finished reading the Bible through for the first time on Sept. 10, 1946.
201. "Hostel Committee" - Minutes, financial reports, notes on sale of Young Adult Centre of Western Ontario Conference to the Youth Hostel group (1977-1979)
202. "Insurance" - Constitution of Mennonite Aid Union (1979); rules and regulations of Amish Mennonite Fire & Storm Aid Union (1972); misc. other items
203. "Inter Mennonite Board of Congregational Resources" - Minutes, 1975-1979 In IBCR files
204. "Inter-Mennonite Mission & Service Board - Minutes of Board and its
predecessors, 1967-1979 In IM files
205. "Inter-Church Fund for International Development" - Reports, proposals, 1975-78
206. "Inter-Mennonite Executive Council" - Minutes of IEC and predecessors,1970-79 In DEC files
207. "I John" Notes, (ca.1950-1968)
208. "II John" Notes
209. "III John" Clipping, 1951
210. "Jude" - Notes
211. "Jonah" - empty folder
212. "Jeremiah" - lecture notes
213. "John" - Notes, some clippings and study guides on the book of John
214. Job" - Notes
215. "James" Charts, notes
216. "Judges" Clippings, notes (1949)
217. "Joshua" -Notes, (1949)
218. "Joel" - Notes (1949,1973)
219. "Isaiah" - Clipping, lecture notes (1964)
220. "Lamentations" - empty folder
221. "I Kings" Notes (1949)
222. "II Kings" Notes
223. "Legal & Professional MBM" - Mennonite Board of Missions Legal and Professional Committee minutes (1979) In Committee files
224. "Luke" - Extensive notes, Bible quiz -(1-950-1973)
225. "Leviticus" - Notes
226. "Litigation" - Mennonite Church Litigation Task Force minutes, questionnaire, correspondence, some earlier study papers (1977-1979) In Mennonite Church Special Committees files
227. "Leadership" - Extensive notes; papers on leadership and group processes
228. "MCC (Ontario)" - Misc. reports, minutes of various MCC (Ontario) programs In MCC (Ontario) files
229. "MCC" - MCC (Akron) correspondence, reports to Executive committee (1979) In MCC (Akron) Executive files
230. "MCC (Canada)" - Correspondence, minutes, Executive committee reports (1979)
In MCC (Canada) Executive files
231. "Mennonite Reporter" - Bylaws, annual reports, minutes, 1971-1978 In Mennonite Publishing Service files
232. "Miscellaneous Personal" - Cards, correspondence, clippings, services, etc. (1970s)
233. "MBM Personnel Committee" - Mennonite Board of Missions Personnel Committee Minutes, 1966-1978 In MBM files
234. "Montreal House of Friendship" - Minutes, reports (1973-78) In MCO files
235. "Marriage" - Various wedding programs; license to marry; forms, etc.
236. "Mennonite Board of Education" - Minutes, 1975-79 In Board files
237. "Mennonite Mental Health Services'' - Minutes, reports 1971-1972 In MMHS files
238. "MBM Legal & Finance Committee" - Mennonite Board of Missions Legal & Finance Committee minutes, 1978-1979 In MBM files
239. "Mission Services of London" -.Minutes, annual reports, etc. (1975-1979) In Mission Services files
240. "M,.T.S." - Canadian customs information; travel hints Not retained
241. "M.W.C. General Council" World Conference reports, minutes correspondence. In MWC files Periodicals, posters removed
242. "Mennonite Conference of Ontario" - Minutes, a few reports, 1971-1979 IN MCO file,
243. "Mark" - Lecture notes
244. "Malachi" - Notes
245. "Micah" - Notes, clipping
246. "Matthew" - extensive notes
247. "Mennonite Benefit Assoc." - Mennonite Benefit Association minutes, 1963-67,1975 IN MBA files
248. "Mennonite Board of Missions" - Board & members minutes, 1978-1979; reports, policy statements, etc. IN MBM files
249. "Mission Board of OM" - Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario minutes, 1972-1979 IN MMBO files
250. "Music" - Notes, scores, clippings
251. "Mennonite Disaster Service" -.Minutes, 1966-1971 In MDS files
252. "Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario and Canada" - Minutes, 1967=1978 In the various society files
253. "Mennonite Radio & TV" - Minutes, 1971-1978; also some Mennonite Broadcasts correspondence & material. Placed in respective files
254. "Mennonite Broadcasts" - Minutes, 1973-78; statement of purpose, misc. clippings Mennonite Broadcasts files
255. "Mennonite Mutual Aid & other insurance" - Minutes, 1972-1977 IN MMA files
256. "Mennonite Foundation (Canada)" --"Early records & reports, 1973-1974 IN MF files
257. "M.I.B.A." - Newsletter, 1978 Not retained
258. "M.R.S.C." - Mennonite Board of Missions Relief and Service Committee minutes, 1978-1979 IN MBM files
259. "Mennonite Board Cong. Ministries" - Mennonite Board of Congregational Ministries Minutes, 1972-1979 In MBCM files
260. "Mennonite Publication Board" - Minutes, 1971-1977; misc. other materials In MPB files
261. "M.M.H.S." - Mennonite Mental Health Services minutes, 1966, 1974 IN MMHS files
262. "Moderators & Secretaries" - Primarily Council of Moderators & Secretaries materials.
263. "Nithview" - Tri-County Mennonite Homes Assoc. minutes, financial reports, administrative materials 1975-1978 IN Tri-County files
264. "Northwest Conference" - Minutes, 1972-77 In Northwest Conf. files
265. "New Test. Gen." - Introduction to New-Testament notes, charts & clippings
266. "Numbers" - Notes
267. "Nehemiah" - Notes
268. "Nahum" - Notes
269. "Northern Youth Programs" - Correspondence, financial reports, etc., 1977-1979
270. "Obadiah" - Notes, chart
271. "Overseas Mission Committee" - Mennonite Board of Missions Overseas Mission Committee minutes, 1973-1979 in MBM files
272. "Old Testament" - Notes, clippings
273. "Order forms" - Catalogs, forms for furniture, copying equipment, books, etc.
274. "Personnel MBM" - Mennonite Board of Missions Personnel Committee minutes, 1979 IN MBM Files
275. "Proverbs" Notes
276. "II Peter" Notes
277. "Psalms" - Notes, clippings
278. "Parkview Board" - Mennonite Home Association of York County minutes; Publicity material; personnel handbooks 1979 IN Association files
279. "Peace & Social Concerns" - MCC (Canada) Peace & Social Concerns Committee minutes, reports, etc. 1976-8 IN MCC (Canada) files
280. "Prophetical" - Notes, charts, tracts
281. "I Peter" - Notes
282. "Philippians" - Notes
283. "Philemon" - Notes
284. "Pastoral Leadership Training" - Inter-Mennonite Pastoral Leadership Training Board minutes, reports, 1977-79 IN IPLTB files
285. "Personal correspondence" - Personal correspondence, 1979
286. "Program ideas" - Skits, litanies, early 1960s
287. "Personnel Ont. Conf.'' - Mennonite Conference of Ontario Personnel Committee minutes, 1972-1974 In MCO files
288. "Organization" - Paper on church organization, notes on parliamentary procedure
289. "Summer Bible School" - Notes on Christian Education; Summer Bible School manual
290. "Romans" - Notes
291. "Revelation" - Notes, charts, papers
292. "Ruth" - Notes
293. "Rockway Men. School" - Feasibility study on Rockway Mennonite School, 1970; various guideline statements, 1977 In Rockway Collection
294. "Retreats" - Notes from various retreats; several resource manuals
295. "I Samuel" - Notes
296. "II Samuel" - Notes
297. "Song of Soloman" Notes
298. "Salary Committee" Mennonite Board of Missions Salary Committee minutes, papers, 1969-1977 IN MBM Files
299. "Seminary" - Promotional literature from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, misc. other material
300. "Student Services" - Mennonite Board of Missions Student Services Committee minutes, some introductory material 1966-1978 IN MBM Files
301. "Sexuality" - Notes from seminar, questionnaires from seminar with Dr. Michael Carrera, (n.d.)
302. "Self-help Associates" - Memo and minutes, 1977
303. "Sunday School" - Notes, constitution of Ontario Sunday School Association, material on Foundation series materials
304. "Titus" - Notes
305. "II Thessalonians" Notes
306. "I Thessalonians" Notes
307. "II Timothy" - Notes
308. "I Timothy" - Notes
309. "Township East Zorra-Tavistock" - Township bylaw copy, 1976
310. "U.S. Ministries" - MCC (Akron) U.S. minutes; also offender ministries minutes ca 1976-1978 IN MCC files
311. "Underground Evangelism" - Financial reports, Mennonite materials that discuss this type of organization, 1971-1974
312. "V.S." - Promotional material, application forms (both MCC and MBM) Not retained
313. "Western Ontario Mission Board" - Misc. papers, consultations on mission; Ontario Mission Rally planning committee minutes (1978), minutes, 1967-78 Minutes moved to conference
314. "W.O.M.C. Executive" - Minutes, 1976-79; Papers, reports, correspondence. Minutes moved to conference
315. "W.M.S.A."- Notes
316. "Women in the church" - Papers, excerpts from various books on the topic.
317. "Worship" - Various readings, programs and litanies
318. "Wider Ecumenical Fellowship" - Correspondence, releases (1979)
319. "Western Ontario Stewardship & Finance" - Minutes, 1978-79 IN Conf. files
320. "Western Ont. Personnel Committee" - minutes, 1977-79 In Conf. files
321. "Wider Ecumenical Fellowship" - Notes, minutes, reports, 1976-1978
322. "Zechariah" - empty folder
323. "Zephaniah" --Notes

Box 8

Series 3: Sermon notes

This box contains 36 notebooks of sermon notes, and a register of all sermons preached by Newton Gingrich from 1949-1979 - a total of 3447 are recorded with topic, place, date and general subject heading.

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