Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 1.198

Title: Winston J. Martin fonds

Dates of creation: 1982-2021

Physical description: 40 cm of textual records 

Biographical sketch: Winston James Martin was born in St. Jacobs 14 April 1939. His parents are Norman (Bowman) Martin (Jr.) and Gladys Koch. He married Betty Ann Lapp on 12 August 1967; they had two sons and two daughters. Martin obtained a B.A. in history from Goshen College, and a B.Th. from Ontario Bible College in Toronto. In 1970 Winston Martin was ordained as a Mennonite minister; he also worked for six years in the corrections system. As of 2003, Martin had served in 23 congregations -- in most cases as an interim minister. Beginning in 2000 he served as Secretary-Treasurer of Amish Mennonite Fire & Storm Aid. In 2003 the Martins lived in Milverton, ON.

Winston Martin always had an interest in family history. This interest intensified in helping his 10-year old daughter study her family history as part of a school project. The largest portion of his research has been on the Martin family going back to Christian Martin (b. 1669). He has also done significant research on related family lines. He donated a sizeable portion of his research to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario in March 2003.

Custodial history: Donated to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario by Winston J. Martin on 24 March 2003; supplemental donations in October 2003. Series 14 materials donated in September 2021.

Scope and content: The fonds consists of the contents of Martin's research binders on various family lines, with source documents interpolated.

There are thirteen name series in the fonds: 1) Martin; 2) Bauman/Bowman; 3) Cressman; 4) Detweiler; 5) Eby; 6)Good; 7) Musselman; 8) Nahrgang; 9) Oberholtzer; 10) Schneider/Snyder/Snider; 11) Shantz; 12) Weber/Weaver, 13) Erb 14) Various

Notes: Original archival description created 26 March 2003 by Sam Steiner.

File list:

Series 1: Martin

  1. Index to Martin genealogy (The index is divided into sections -- Ontario Miscellaneous; Descendants of David O. Martin (1771-1854); Descendants of David Martin, c. 1925-1964; Descendants of Peter Martin; Descendants of Peter Martin, 1769-1831; Descendants of Peter Martin since 1925; Descendants of David Martin since 1965; Descendants of Hans Heinrich Martin (1701-1784); Descendants of David Martin (1691-1784). The citations are to page numbers in the listings.
  2. Martins in the United States -- Christian Martin (1669-1749) and descendants; Hans Heinrich Martin (1701-1784) and descendants; David Martin (1691-1784) and descendants; Miscellaneous Martin notes
  3. David O. Martin (1771-1854) and descendants
  4. Peter Martin (1769-1831), pp. 300-585
  5. Peter Martin (1769-1831), pp. 587-664, plus expansions of individual pages in folder 4
  6. David B. Martin (1838-1920) and descendants

Series 2: Bauman/Bowman

  1. Bauman/Bowman family research on descendants of immigrant Wendel Bauman (b. 1681) and the generations in Pennsylvania.
  2. Bauman/Bowman family research of descendants of immigrant Wendel Bauman/Bowman (b. 1681), including Ontario descendants.

Series 3: Cressman

Primarily an expansion of The Family History of Amos S. Cressman and Anna Martin Cressman : their Descendants and His Ancestors by Mary Hunsberger in 1975.

Series 4: Detweiler

Detweiler Family research; primarily focused on descendants of Rudolph Detweiler (1733-1797)

Series 5: Eby

Eby Family research based and expanded on the earlier work by Ezra Eby.

Series 6: Good

Guth/Good Family research utilizing an article by Jane Evans Best in Mennonite Family History (1990), The research examines both early Good family records, as well as records of Goods who came to Canada. Christian Good (b. 1712), Daniel Good (b. 1798), Christian Good (b. 1744), Samuel Good (b. 1775), Benjamin Good (b. 1809), John Good (b. 1811)

Series 7: Musselman/Moser

Family research on Ontario immigrants Frederick Musselman (b. 1793) and David Musselman (b. 1799), with additional work on early Musselmans, and includes a significant number of listings on the Moser/Musser/Mosier family that intermarried in the early 19th century with Musselmans in Ontario

Series 8: Nahrgang

Typed listing of descendants of Simon (b. 1852) and Isaac Nahrgang (b. 1844)

Series 9: Oberholtzer

Oberholtzer family research, mostly copies from Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage

Series 10: Schneider/Snyder/Snider

Family research on Christian (1756-1830), Jacob (1764-1853) and Joseph (1772-1843) Schneider and their Ontario descendants.

Series 11: Shantz

Family Research on Jacob Shantz (1710-1781) descendants, with emphasis on Shantz descendants in Canada. Includes a partial index.

Series 12: Weber/Weaver

Family Research on Heinrich Weber (b. 1690) and George Weber (b. 1693) with emphasis on descendants in Ontario, Canada.

Series 13: Erb

Family research on Christian Erb (1734-1810) and Maria Scherch (1737-1814) who came to Ontario in 1808.

Series 14: Various families

  1. Notes by Winston Martin on the following families: Buergi/Burgi/Bergey, Bomberger/Bombler, Heintz "Jost" and Margaret Lichti, Eby
  2. Manuscript for volume four of Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners by Richard Davis. Copies of the published volumes (volumes 1-3) are located in the Milton Good Library; Martin donated volumes 2-3 to the Library in 2021. The following names are listed in the index fo the volume 4 draft: Beyer/Boyer, Beyeler/Beiler, Bomberger, Dirstein, Hostetler/Hochstettler, Hunsberger, Herr/Heer, Nighswander, Blaser, Weyerman/Weirman, Sensenig, Gerber/Garber, Weber/Weaver, Sporri, Ruegg/Reich, Schmitt, Hershey, Binkele, Dahlem/Dahlman.
  3. Notes on the Swartz family found inserted after page 366 in volume 2 of Martin's copy of Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners


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