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Hist. Mss. 10.4

Date of creation: ca. 1960

5 sleeves containing 95 35mm colour slides which were duplicated in the early 1970s. Included is a handwritten list prepared by Leslie R. Gray. The typed list also indicates with an asterisk which slides can also be obtained the Leslie R. Gray photograph collection (1986-2 and 1987-2).

The slide collection was originally gathered by Elma Gray (d. 1971) who prepared a manuscript on the Pennsylvania background of Mennonites in Ontario. The manuscript was incomplete at her death and was never published.

The slides and script were donated to the Archives in 1986-1987 by Leslie R. Gray. See also Hist. Mss. 1.112 for the Leslie R. Gray papers; it includes the unpublished manuscript.

Many of the pictures are discussed in Michael S. Bird, Ontario fraktur : a Pennsylvania-German folk tradition in early Canada, (Toronto : M.F. Feheley, 1977).

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

The slides are numbered (C-1 - C-70) and (M-1 - M-76). C1 - C40 depict items housed at the Jordan Museum (Jordan, Ont). C.55-C66 depict items from Quebec. C-67-C-70 depict items from Waterloo County, Ontario. The "M" slides are from the Markham Ontario area. 

C.1  Johannes Kratz, 1798
C.2  Magdalena Moyer tune book, 1804
C.3  Samuel Moyer tune book, 1829
C.4  Magdalena Albrecht song book, 1834
C.5  Jacob Moyer song book, 1819
C.6  Samuel Frey song book,
C.7  Maria Gross song book, 1819
C.8  Catharine Kratz song book, 1810
C.9  Maria Schwartz song book, 1788
C.10 Catharine Moyer, angels,
C.11 Magdalena Albrecht song book, 1834 (musical notation opposite fraktur)
C.12 Magdalena Moyer song book, 1804 (musical notation opposite fraktur)
C.13 Musical notation, unidentified
C.14 Barbara Moyer, Vorschrift, 1848
C.15 Barbara Moyer, Vorschrift, 1848 (closeup of heart)
C.16 Vorschrift, 1790.
C.17 Vorschrift, 1790 (closeup of bottom portion of C.16)
C.18 Vorschrift, 1790 (closeup of top left of C.16)
C.19 Magdalena Albrecht, 1830
C.20 Display of four frakturs, Jordan Museum
C.21 Jacob Moyer song book, 1819
C.22 Jacob Moyer song book, 1819 (closer view of C.21)
C.23 Flowers and distelfink, n.d.
C.24 Magdalena Moyer, 1804
C.25 Two tulips, n.d.
C.26 Flowers and paired birds, n.d.
C.27 Bird and flowers, n.d.
C.28 Bird and flowers, n.d.
C.29 Bird on pedestal, two tulips, n.d.
C.30 Fragment of drawing
C.31 Miscellaneous motifs, n.d.
C.32 Abraham Hoch notebook, 1798
C.33 Baptismal register (printed)
C.34 Magdalena Bechtel illustrated text, 1789
C.35 Isabel Moyer, 1848
C.36 Decorated text, 1788
C.37 Anna Nash, bird and geometric designs, 1825
C.38 Family record (printed) - Fretz family
C.39 Maria Gross bookplate, 1791
C.40 Vorschrift, 1811
C.41 - C.54 Missing
C.55 Esther Romer, 1834
C.56 Esther Romer, birth certificate, 1823
C.57 Esther Romer, 1833
C.58 Esther Romer, n.d.
C.59 David Seger, bookplate, 1824
C.60 David Seger, bookplate, 1824
C.61 Paper cutting - Star
C.62 Paper cutting - Dove
C.63 Paper cutting - Flower
C.64      Magdalena Romer, four awards, 1833, 1834
C.65 Missing
C.66 Veronica Shoemaker paper cutting
C.67 Anna Weber, 1879
C.68 Benjamin Eby bookplate, 1823
C.69 Benjamin Eby bookplate, 1823
C.70 Benjamin Eby bookplate, 1823

M.1  Magdalena Heise, 1754
M.2  Esther Reiff, 1764
M.3  Elizabeth Berkey, 1864
M.8  Anna Hoover, 1852
M.9  Veronica Hoover, 1854
M.10 Abraham Hoover & Veronica Gross, 1854
M.11 Anna Burkholder, 1865
M.12 Susanna Reischwaner, 1854
M.13 Elizabeth Gross, 1807
M.14 Nine-heart design
M.17 Haus-Segen (printed)
M.20 Abraham Hoover and Fanny Grove
M.21 Johannes Risser, 1809
M.22 Susanna Hoover, 1854
M.23 Daniel Berkey & Barbara Hoover
M.24 Fanny Risser & Daniel Romer (Nine heart design)
M.26 Christian Hoover copy book
M.28 Susannah Burkholder, 1831 (Nine heart design)
M.29 Samuel Burkholder (Nine heart design)
M.31 Susannah Burkholder, 1831 (Nine heart design)
M.34 Nine heart design
M.36 Anna Maria Burkholder (Nine heart design)
M.38 Haus-Segen (printed)
M.39 Decorated text
M.40 Veronica Risser, 1826
M.41 Closeup of M.40
M.42 Samuel Hoover family record
M.43 Daniel & Sarah Hoover family record
M.52 Abraham Gross
M.58 David Risser bookplate
M.59 Philip Weidmann family notes, p. 1
M.60 Philip Weidmann family notes, p. 2
M.61 Philip Weidmann family notes, p. 3
M.62 Maria Hoover
M.68 Daniel Berkey & Barbara Hoover
M.69 Daniel Berkey & Barbara Hoover
M.71 Handwritten birth certificate (Esther Reiff), p. 1
M.72 Handwritten birth certificate (Esther Reiff), p. 2
M.74 Joseph Grove military exemption certificate
M-76 Hand lettered document signed Heinrich Dulhuer

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