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Hist. Mss. 10.23

Date of creation: 1946-1947   

4 sleeves containing 79 35mm colour slides. The slides were taken during Brubacher's term of service in the Netherlands (1946-1947) as a member of the Holland Reconstruction Unit under Mennonite Central Committee. Brubacher served as a Unit Project Foreman. Photos include many other members of the unit. Photos also include a trip taken in Europe following his service.

For further information see the Wesley Brubacher fonds at Hist. Mss. 1.181

The collection was donated by Olive Brubacher in October 1997.

Seventy-nine (79) slides from the same period. Some slides contain identification; others do not:

  1.     Unidentified (Bakery scenes?)
  2.     Unidentified        
  3.     Unidentified
  4.     Mathijssen House before reconstruction
  5.     Henry Detweilers
  6.     Barley where water stood a year before at our camp
  7.     P. van Sluis house
  8.     H. Buller, P.C. Hiebert, H. Yoder
  9.     P. van Sluis farm home
  10.     Unidentified
  11.     Unidentified
  12.     Doopsgezinde Jongeren Kring weekend
  13.     Bieren family
  14.     The camp
  15.     The Sturm House completed
  16.     Doopsgezinde Church, Aardenburg
  17.     Christmas packages
  18.     Unidentified
  19.     Damaged street between Middelburg and Vlissingen
  20.     Damaged house, Middelburg
  21.     Unidentified
  22.     Tulips
  23.     Unidentified
  24.     Domisse family
  25.     Main street, Soutelande
  26.     Mina Sturm
  27.     Fishing boats at Veere
  28.     Aden Horst at stranded tank, floating docks
  29.     The Queen and Mayor Kassembrood, Westkapelle
  30.     Unidentified
  31.     Unidentified
  32.     Unidentified
  33.     Baker on Walcheren
  34.     Afsluitdijk, 20 miles long
  35.     Unidentified
  36.     Typical Holland in festive garb
  37.     Enos Bontrager and Howard W. pointing [bricks]
  38.     Tank barriers near Middelburg
  39.     German bunker near Vlissingen
  40.     Cleaning out the ditches after the flood
  41.     R.Ms. [Russian Mennonites] at Roverstein
  42.     Taking away bunkers
  43.     Unidentified
  44.     Unidentified
  45.     Jan van Sluis & Kleinepier girls Bouwdewijnskerke Dunes
  46.     Unidentified
  47.     Unidentified
  48.     Unidentified
  49.     Unidentified
  50.     Unidentified
  51.     Railroad Station, M. Gladbach
  52.     Unidentified
  53.     Unidentified
  54.     Unidentified
  55.     Unidentified
  56.     Unidentified
  57.     Ready for work
  58.     Unidentified
  59.     Starting on G. Sturm's barn
  60.     At the first job
  61.     A[braham] Kleinepier's house half done
  62.     C. Visser's after
  63.     C. Visser's house before
  64.     Main street, Westkapelle
  65.     Inspecting ruins on arrival at Walcheren
  66.     Unidentified
  67.     Unidentified
  68.     Ds. Van der Zijp, C.F. Klassen, Ds. Hylkema
  69.     Unidentified
  70.     H.H. Janzen at Elspeet
  71.     Alsatian Mennonites Fr. W. Nusbaum, Pastor M쬬er and W. M쬬er
  72.     Damaged church, Arndem; Elly Anker
  73.     Middelburg Stadhuis built 15th cent.
  74.     The criminal stand at Veere Stadhuis
  75.     Damaged church, Middelburg
  76.     Mr. & Mrs. Siegfried Janzen on the Volendam, Feb. 1947
  77.     Refugees boarding the Volendam
  78.     Swiss Mennonites at Elspeet Int. Conf.
  79.     A. Beachy, Bob Kreider, Irvin Horst at Elspeet Peace Conf.

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