About Mobius

The University of Waterloo has partnered with DigitalEd, a local software company, to improve the online learning experiences of authors, instructors, and students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-based classrooms. We are doing this through the development of a new authoring and deployment tool called Möbius.

Möbius logo

What is Möbius?

Möbius is a robust online authoring and delivery environment specifically designed for the needs of STEM classrooms. It includes a rich suite of tools and features for authors looking to design and develop digital assets for their students or peers, and a delivery environment that enables and promotes deep and active learning for users through the combination of instructional material with hands-on activities.

The Möbius's benefits page includes more details about how Möbius compares to other authoring tools, how it compares to other courseware systems, and examples of the features in action.  

Möbius is in its infancy and was commercially released in spring, 2017. Research has begun and, over time, improvements and additional functionality can be expected, in areas such as user experience, analytics, machine learning, searchability, sharing resources, and more!

Who do I contact to learn more about Möbius or get access to a demo account?

Fill out the Möbius - Request Help form and we will follow up within a day or two to answer your questions.