Nanotechnology Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Nanotechnology Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering field, which draws from and benefits areas such as materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine.

Waterloo's Nanotechnology Engineering programs are offered collaboratively through the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, and the Chemistry Department in the Faculty of Science.

  1. Mar. 2, 2018Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference explores possibilitiesstudents and faculty at the Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference

    On November 18, 2017, the University of Waterloo welcomed some big names in Canadian and American nanotechnology research to the Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference (WNC) where they joined industry representatives, Waterloo faculty and more than 200 students in an effort to strengthen their mutual understanding of how nanotechnology is taught and how it is used in innovative research.

  2. Mar. 2, 2018Nicoya Lifesciences raises $2 million investment

    Nicoya Lifesciences, a local scientific instrument manufacturer co-founded by one of the Waterloo Nanotechnology Engineering program’s first graduating class members, raised $2 million from a consortium of investors affiliated with the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, including the new Waterloo Student Venture Fund.

  3. Jan. 29, 2018Nanotechnology Engineering startup SannTek’s cannabis detector smokes the competitionmembers of the startup company Sanntek

    Nanotechnology Engineering students Chris Taylor, Noah DeBrincat, Karolyn Mackowiak, Ben Milligan and Thomas Dunlop are enjoying the University of Waterloo’s entrepreneurial advantage as they develop their fourth-year Capstone Design project into a commercial venture.

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  1. Apr. 4, 2018Winter 2018 term lectures end

    Lectures end for the Winter 2018 term on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

  2. Apr. 9 to 24, 2018Winter 2018 term final exams

    The final exam period for the Winter 2018 term is Monday, April 9 toTuesday, April 24, 2018.

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Nanotechnology Engineering YouTube Site

Nanotechnology Engineering YouTube Site