nate (Network Analysis with Text)


Nate is a Python package designed to facilitate research at the intersection of social network analysis / network science and applied natural language processing. It scales efficiently for large and complex datasets. Nate offers functionality for seamlessly connecting state-of-the-art machine learning models used in natural language processing workflows using spaCy with network analysis workflows using packages such as networkx, igraph, and graph-tool. Nate has carefully-designed data structures that connect these two types of research workflows, and offers a set of tools for quickly producing descriptive reports and visualizations. 



If you want access to the most recent development version of `nate`, you can install it from the source code in this repository. 

git clone && cd nate && pip install -e .


Binder-enabled documentation coming soon... 

Asking Questions and Getting Help 

It is not always possible for us to provide help via email. Instead, we encourage you to use the Github Issue Tracker. By answering your questions (or fixing bugs you find) in public, we can also help other members of the research community. 

Selected Features 

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