Looking back on 1 year of working from home

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

With 2020 came an onset of chaos and uncontrollable events, many of which will stick with us for decades to come.  Among the mess of a global pandemic some people at NIMBAL will remember 2020 for different (hopefully more positive) reasons! Here are some of the notable milestones that a few of our graduate students have experienced:

Laura defended her doctoral dissertation titled: Dual-task effects of concurrently coupling aerobic exercise with virtual navigation. Currently Laura is teaching an intersession course at in Health at Western University. Congratulations Laura!


Sherri successfully defended her Doctoral dissertation, Exploring Within and Between Subject Differences of the Role of Cervical Proprioception in the Postural and Spatial Orientation Perception of Young Healthy Adults, and is continuing her training as a Postdoctoral Fellow studying functional mobility and balance control in older adults within our lab! Congratulations Sherri!”


Other notable accomplishments have also occurred during work-from-home environment. Kyle Weber and Kelly Hebner both successfully defended their Master's Theses, Gary Mangan successfully proposed his thesis, and PhD students Mark Laylor, Karlee Hall, and Ben Cornish all successfully passed their comprehensive exams! Congratulations to all the successes during these trying times!