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Group-Spring 2015

From right to left: Nimer Murshid, Robert Bennett, Nicholas LaniganLuLu Hu, Kai Cao, Dapeng Liu and Prof. Xiaosong Wang.

Inspired by natural self-assembled systems (e.g. cells), a multidisciplinary research frontier of supramolecular chemistry has emerged and developed to be a promising approach for bottom-up nanotechnology. 

As a polymer group, we strive to develop new synthetic strategies for self-assembled functional nanomaterials using macromolecules as major building blocks. Particularly, we are interested in the self-assembling behaviour of metallopolymers for a new generation of processible and tunable nanomaterials with optical, magnetic, electronic, redox and catalytic properties due to the presence of metal elements. The resulting materials are expected to have useful applications in modern technologies such as lithography, nanoelectronics, sensors, energy storage and conversion.

WIN Nano Graduate Student Seminar

The WIN Nano Graduate Student Seminar Series provides an opportunity for nanotechnology graduate students of WIN members to present and discuss their research, to help foster knowledge exchange and dialogue between researchers and across disciplines.
Please visit https://uwaterloo.ca/institute-nanotechnology/events for the full schedule of talks

Meet our people


Dr. Xiaosong Wang


Dr. Xiao-Song Wang graduated from East China University of Science and Technology in 1998 with a PhD degree in Polymer Materials and Science. After working in the University of Sussex and the University of Toronto as a postdoctoral research fellow, he received the Roberts Academic Award/RCUK Research Fellowship working at the University of Leeds in 2006.